On Titles in Battlegrounds

What’s up with everyone leaving their titles on in battlegrounds?

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I see a huge splash of red over an opponent trying to hide, I can’t help but wonder if the other player knows how little I care that they’re a Champion of The Frozen Wastes, but how happy I am that they provided a giant neon sign over their head.

(Also, thanks for the clue that you’re probably in PvE gear and I can expect some nice juicy crits off of you.)

Even displaying PvP titles make me a little nervous, since the only people who you’ll impress are on your own side. Your opponents either won’t look, or will single you out for elimination.

I’m not against titles – far from it, I think they’re a great part of the game, and worth striving for. But they’re a tactical liability outside of your home cities.

An addon like Outfitter makes automating title changes easy. Either set a PvP outfit to hide your title, or only display it with an Around Town outfit. Here, like so:

Outfitter Titles.jpg

Either option will keep you from running around battlegrounds with a big red billboard over your head. You’re enough of a target as it is. Don’t go making it any worse for yourself.

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