Shut Up and Fight

I have never understood people who clutter /bg with chatter about anything but the battle at hand. I have to make a conscious choice to bark out orders in /bg — usually from the graveyard or while on defense — because the rest of the time I’m going all out. I don’t have time to talk.

And it really irriates me when you start talking about what DK spec is best, or how to level a hunter, while I’m trying to win a freakin’ match.

I’ve been in a few bad Wintergrasp raids lately — sorry, Durotan, I got nothing but love, but it’s the truth — where I had people chattering about levelling their alts. Afterwards the raid recount was embarassing — three people did 400k or more of damage, and the rest did less than 25k each.

Yeah. We lost that battle.

My guildmates know when I’m in a bg because I shift from proper case and punctiation to very, VERY terse shorthand. Time spent talking in a battleground is time not spent fighting.

So knock that shit off. We have work to do.

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