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Patch 3.2 introduced the ability to turn off experience gains for characters, something that Blizzard envisioned having more uses than just enabling twinks. Having seen it in action, I have to agree.

I have a twink, of sorts: Cynwise’s dear drunk death knight brother Cynwulf. I say “of sorts” for two reasons — first, 59 DK, already OP, and second, because I didn’t do much research or planning to make sure I got the absolute best gear available, or maxed out professions for every last advantage. Best enchants? Sure. But real twinks go all the way. I really respect players who put that much thought and effort into working within constraints.

Freezing experience gains seemed like a great way to address this problem; I could seek out all the BoP gear I’d skipped, go level mining and skinning without getting exploring XP, and even go grind some reputations.

Little did I know the most transforming experience would be none of those things: it was leaving the city to go adventuring with friends. The freedom to go run a dungeon with your guild, to be a helpful part of a team, is not something that you get out of a lot of BGs.

So Cynwulf went and was the Main Tank on a Stratholme run, and did remarkably well at it. Would he do better at level 60, with Howling Blast and Death and Decay? Almost certainly. But it’s of little matter. Everyone involved had an absolute blast.

Just because you turn off experience gains doesn’t mean you stop gaining experiences.


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2 responses to “Experience

  1. strumpet101

    How true – we have to remember to be in it for the joy.

  2. One blogger I read (sorry can’t remember his name) is starting up a level 60 raiding guild.

    What a great idea – I wish someone in Oceanic/or AEST time zone would start something like this because I would roll and level a character just to be part of it. And yes, I expect it will be damn hard to down bosses!