EotS Honor Per Minute

Ihrayeep over at Only God Can Make A Tree has an interesting post up on Titles and Stats in the battlegrounds, EotS specifically:

My first question I wondered was, it’s holiday weekend. Am I better off zerging the holiday BG, which won’t get any marks turn-ins, or rotating around like I usually do for the turn-in? After I asked this question, I realised that if I zerged the holiday BG every weekend then every 6th weekend I’d have a massive amount of turn-ins anyway, assuming I was willing to play the long-ball, and then I’d get the best of both worlds. So I reduced my question to, what kind of honor are you looking at, assuming you play intelligently enough to eventually be able to do turnins?

My gut tells me that the real winners in the Honor Per Minute race are going to be Wintergrasp and Strand of the Ancients.  But math beats gut feelings every single time, so I’m really looking forward to the complete series.


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2 responses to “EotS Honor Per Minute

  1. I hadn’t even thought about doing WG just for the sheer complexity involved (ie the disparity between zerg-attacking the fortress, which gets you more kills etc., or trying to defend the southern towers which tends to be a roving no-mans land).

    When I did it in TBC AV was a clear winner by a significant amount but my gut here’s leaning towards a split on IoC/AV just for the sheer numbers of people involve tending to lead to higher kill numbers, plus more objectives (esp in AV) that give you bonus honor. We’ll see though!

  2. AV is a definite contender for the lead. I shouldn’t have left them out.

    The benefit of SotA is the time limit; short games are the norm, while honor remains high. Like you said, we’ll see!