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Thinking about battleground statistics in the Isle of Conquest reminded me that I’d never posted about BG Hero, a battleground statistics site featured on WoW Insider a few days ago.

The data is laid out in an attractive, easy to read format.  I like the pretty colors, I do!  But the statistics themselves are interesting, both in what they say and don’t say.  It only reflects your performance in battlegrounds listed in your statistics tab, so no Wintergrasp data is included, which certainly skews my HK count down (I have 19k total, but only 10k in the tallied battlegrounds).  But its interesting to see your performance across different battlegrounds.

It’s also interesting to see the performance difference between your different characters.  I like Warsong Gulch on my Death Knight, and the numbers bear it out:  Cynwulf is much better at it than Cynwise.  I hesitate to draw general conclusions from my own personal numbers (I’m not going to say Death Knights are better at WSG or Battlegrounds than Warlocks, for instance), but I will say that playing a twinked 59 pre-nerf DK was much easier than a leveling warlock in quest greens.  But I didn’t really need data to tell me that.

The lack of Wintergrasp data also limits the usefulness of this data somewhat.  With so much WoLK PvP happening in Wintergrasp, it’s a shame to have to omit it.  I was surprised to see how many HKs Wintergrasp has given me — I don’t know why, I have [Wintergrasp Veteran] — but the lack of it makes this tool, like most other battleground stats sites, incomplete.

Fortunately, no one checks your record when you queue for a battleground.


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3 responses to “BG Hero

  1. but they might once we get rated bgs ;-).

    Love this website, just wish I’d known about it to add earlier since it apparently only records after you start yourself into the database :-\

  2. Hey Cyn, totally off topic but could you write a basic guide to Wintergrasp? Cause I seriously don’t get it.