The Mercenary

I enjoy many aspects of Warcraft in addition to PvP: fishing, raiding, mortal combat in the Auction House, and yes, role playing. I don’t do a lot of role play online, but I do put a lot of thought into who my characters are.

So it’s with some pride that I’ll direct you over to my guest RP post The Mercenary, over on Arrens’ excellent site Through The Eyes of Death:

“I imagine that you encounter not only that stigma of being a warlock, but the added one of being a mercenary as well?” Arrens asked.

“Only among the civilian population who doesn’t know me, Headmaster,” Cynwise replied with a wry smile. “The military knows the work I’ve done. Their respect is sufficient — especially since they pay my bills.”

Arrens pressed on. “I have found, however, that people are willing to move past their opinions when discussing the University. The Abbot and I meet on a regular basis now, and we are going to start a guest lecture exchange with some of the Brotherhood. The House of Nobles also has expressed interest in our work, with some members even going so far as enrolling some of their children in classes. It’s quite a status symbol, from what little I understand,” he said, watching the impact of his words on his fellow warlock. Anger, a little bit of avarice, and… something else.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what makes my warlock tick.

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