Wednesday Reading

Some great articles I’ve come across in the past few days:

  • Ihra has begun a great series on How to Heal A Battleground, which is good, because let’s face it — I have no clue how to heal one.  Well, I have bandages, but they don’t count.
  • MoodylonerDK has put out some nice Tips on Leveling your New Death Knight.
  • Psynister has started both Hunter and Druid twinks, and it’s always interesting to learn how he does it.
  • Arrens continues to get himself into big trouble of the RP kind.
  • I’m nowhere near 80 with my Frost Mage, but I’m really happy to read Krizzlybear’s take on it becoming a viable raiding spec.
  • Fel Fire talks about gearing your warlock in 3.3, which I am kinda interested in right now?  But not salivating at the gear grind?  Patches are funny like that.  But it’s a good guide, so consider it bookmarked.

Okay, folks!  Back to 3.3!


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