Wednesday Reading

Wow, this is almost becoming a weekly feature!

  • The Great Stat Enigma over at Fel Fire is a great introduction into Warlock gear itemization.  I share Aphroditi’s mixed feelings on Haste — I can’t bring myself to gem for it, but I sure do like having it around.
  • Gnomeaggedon nails the one major problem with the LFG tool: you can’t queue for a dungeon and battleground at the same time.
  • Psynister has started up a twinking blog, which is filled with his usual attention to detail.  I tell you, twinking blogs are like totally all the rage now.  You should try it.  And you should read his latest post on Twink Associations, too.  *shifty eyes*
  • He also has a very good post up on the changes 3.3 brought to Mage leveling, and how you pretty much just fling Fireballs until things are dead now.
  • Ihra continues his series on how to heal a battleground.  I think Ihra needs to get on Twitter, don’t you?
  • Pimp My Ram. Awesome mounts, all of them.
  • Removing the level 80s from the 70-79 bracket of AV means that the captains hit like a truck, as Elysiane points out.  Protect your damn healers, people!



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2 responses to “Wednesday Reading

  1. twitter…what is this twitter you speak of…I can barely manage my facebook!

    As always, thank you for the linkback…helps me not feel I’m shouting into the nether (I’m sure all blogs go through that startup isolation though)

    • I’m always happy to link to good posts like yours, Ihra. I’ve found interacting with folks on Twitter has been great not only for getting people to read my blog, but also to find other blogs – and viewpoints -that are very different from my normal fare. I also like being able to throw out ideas in a short format that just don’t merit a post, help people with their specs, talk about things that have nothing to do with PvP, that sort of thing.

      But I also know that Twitter is an odd beast. For what it’s worth, I struggle with Facebook a lot more than Twitter.