Wednesday Reading

Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed over the past week.

  • The trend of calling fellow players out in posts continues, with Arrens and Psynister contributing very funny entries to the genre.
  • Nibuca runs down where your DPS is as Affliction.  All of those tips are great, and nearly all of them apply to Destruction, too.
  • Ihra contemplates the nature and future of guilds, and wonders about being in multiple guilds at once.  I’ve wondered this myself, as while I *like* hanging out with my raiding guild, I also have the desire to put many silly guild tags under my character’s names.  Oh, and see how other guilds do things, but really, I’m about the funny tags.  (<Fist Full of Cyns>, anyone?)
  • Cass breaks down Gnomeregan, and OMG did I need that map.  I’m not running it yet — still deciding what I’m doing with my level 24 paladin, to twink or not to twink, that is the question — but I am definitely someone who gets lost in an instance until I run it repeatedly.
  • Anexxia breaks down some of the fun new toys in the revamped Armory.  I’m of two minds about including gizmos on this site; on the one hand, SHINY, on the other hand, I’m a fan of simplicity.  Rilgon has a lot of fun with it, too.
  • Zach over at WowInsider has a great piece on fighting druids in PvP.  The only thing I’d add is that once a druid turns into a tree, they become Banishable.



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2 responses to “Wednesday Reading

  1. I’m currently in the same boat with my 26 Druid as to whether I want to twink or simply level. You’re a tank, I’m a healer, I think we could go places either way.