Wednesday Reading

Here are just a few of the articles I’ve enjoyed over the past week:

  • Gnomeaggedon rightly points out that It’s All About The Towers in Wintergrasp.  As the Alliance on Durotan shifts almost entirely to defense, I have found that the real fighting is down south, where numbers are evenly matched (but Tenacity is in effect) and the battle is either won or lost by 1) Alliance success in taking down the towers or 2) the Horde overcommitting forces down south and not punching through the gate.  I don’t envy the Horde position on Durotan right now.
  • There Is No Try at Righteous Orbs talks about putting forth your best effort versus half-assing things.  And endgame druids who heal in caster form.
  • Cassandri at Hots & Dots Revisits Uldaman and likes what she finds there.  I really like this series — the maps are well done, the commentary is spot on, and it’s a joy to go through dungeons with Lath and Cass.
  • I struggle with Too Many Choices, too, and sometimes yearn for a time when I had fewer alts competing for attention.  I really want to focus my attention on making someone as good as they can be (hence my rolling, uh, 5 level 19 twinks) and the alt/main dichotomy sometimes weighs heavily on me when I’m logging in.
  • I remember learning about The Dunning-Kruger Effect in my introductory psychology course… and then in introductory management… and pretty much it’s totally, totally evident every time you log into the game and deal with other people.  Critical QQ has an excellent post on it in Warcraft, which you should go read now.


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