Offset PvP Pieces in 3.2.2

I made a rather important mistake in my last post on Battleground Gear for 3.3.2 regarding offset pieces (cloaks, bracers, necklaces, etc.). See, in previous patches and seasons the offset pieces were a currency type easier to get, so last Season Furious set pieces cost honor and Arena points, while offset Furious just cost honor.

Another way of looking at it is that for the same type of currency, you could buy one level better of offset pieces than set pieces. So honor could equip you with Deadly set pieces and Furious offset, using last season as an example.

That changed in the last patch, and for the better, I think. Instead of getting Relentless offsets for honor and Wrathful for honor and Arena points, Relentless and Wrathful offsets are both available for honor – but Relentless is cheap, and Wrathful is expensive.

I rather like thus change. It increases the value of honor but doesn’t trivialize the gear. If you are gearing up a new 80, the Relentless pieces allow you to get up to speed quickly. If you’re upgrading existing gear, saving up for Wrathful is a better plan, because it’s that much better of an upgrade.

One side effect of this might be an increased amount of Arena players in battlegrounds, but I don’t think that it’s going to be that noticable. Arena players, good and bad, have slogged out Battlegrounds in the past for gear. This isn’t really any different.

This is a good change, and one I hope we’ll see it again in future seasons. Making Battleground honor worth something more than gold is a step in the right direction.

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