Wednesday Reading

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve done a Wednesday Reading post.  Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed recently.

  • Gnomeaggedon has some awesome SotA Tips, Better Than a Guide for those who, ahem, didn’t look at Strand as the ideal filler between Wintergrasp and Alterac Valley during the pre-3.3.3 honor grind.  And yes, I love the map.  🙂
  • Ixobelle tries PvP and finds he likes it.  Huzzah!  (Via Larisa.)
  • Dominic Hobbs does a fine job covering Destro 101 over at WoW Insider.
  • This has nothing to do with PvP or Warlocks, but I quite enjoyed In Other News, Fire is Still Hot over at Pugging Pally.  (Also, congrats on the LK10 kill!)
  • I confess, I think of my Death Knight as a plate-wearing, melee Warlock. Psynister talks about that, and more, in Death Knights for Spellcasters.
  • Krizzlybear writes an inspirational post on Why I Frost, and Why I Won’t Take Anyone’s Crap over at Frost is the New Black.
  • Speaking of mages, which we weren’t, but I guess we are now, Craig over at Plagued Candles has a great write up on Focus Magic and how to use it.  I love, love, love getting Focus Magic.  It’s like Christmas for my DPS.
  • Okay, I may have a bit of a conflict of interest here, but Arrens’ post on Roleplaying and You: Demons and Pets is a good look at playing your relationship with your Demon while roleplaying.  (I suggested the topic, but hey, my blog, I can post links I like too!)
  • Cass takes us through Maraudon: Pristine Waters, and I, for one, bless these maps every time she publishes a new one.
  • MoodyDK over at Death Grip My Heart looks at the new Icy Touch and comes up with some choice names for it.
  • Something a little different, but welcome and needed — Shieldbreakr at A Horde of One talks about ridding his server of offensive, racist trash, and I support his efforts.  Pretend hate of the Horde or Alliance is one thing.  Real hate is something altogether.



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10 responses to “Wednesday Reading

  1. Another awesome collection of links there, Cyn.

    I absolutely love Cass’s Maraudon maps. They’re probably the only thing out there right now that’s giving your recent PvP articles a run for their money.

    I really liked Craig’s post on FM as well. After leveling two mages to 80 FM is a spell I often take advantage of and its use is something I often take for granted. It’s just second nature to me now to cast it on the best choice without even thinking about it.

  2. Tannhauser

    Long drawn out post deleted, just go here and read these guides instead of Psynisters. They are far better and accurate for the DK, no matter the play style.

    I generally love Psynisters guides but this time the information is just not accurate.

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  4. Thanks for the link, Cyn. There are some great reads in here. I would have missed Krizzlybear’s post about being Frost if you hadn’t linked it! I have even more reading to do, as well.

  5. Oooooh pick me I call EOTS!

    • thar. I put up a thing on EOTS. Am I stealing from gno…troller? You’ve got AV, AB,IOC, he’s got SOTA…presumably eots and wsg were on his turf too?

      Oh well. His post would likely be less mathy than mine anyway >.>

      • LOL. Buglight bad! Well put.

        At this rate WSG and IoC will be done by next week, and then what will we all write about???

        I’m sure we will all find something.