A Vicious Proposal

Let’s say you read my modest proposal and didn’t agree with it.  Not one bit.  You want blood, and lots of it.  If silly people with orphans are going to get in your way, that’s too bad for them, right?

I can dig.  I get it. I pretty much want to kill things all the time in game too.

So let me make a second proposal.  A vicious proposal.

I hereby declare next week to be the First Annual Southshore / Tarren Mill World PvP Free-For-All. All PvPers with blood in their eyes and rage in their hearts are hereby commanded to report to their respective towns and tear apart the opposing factions.  Even if the other battlegrounds are compromised, the fields of Hillsbrad are not.

The fighting will be bloody and glorious.  There will be ganking.  There will be no quarter asked and none given.   Blood will stain the cobblestones of those two towns next week that will be remembered for years to come.

Or at least as long as the towns stand.

And when we get bored?

We’ll go to Halaa and do it all with flying mounts.


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15 responses to “A Vicious Proposal

  1. You have my blood pumping:) I have many fond memories of Tarren Mill brawls. Taking out the Flightmaster and forcing the lowbies to call in high ranking reinforcements.

    Tarren Mill was never the same and so I hope to return there next week and bring the pain.

    Great blog…glad I found it:)

  2. Soulrift

    In my experience, trying to mobilize the Alliance to hit Tarren Mill on a PvE server is like repair a severed artery with band-aids.

    Any tips on stoking the fire? Maybe one of the NPCs in Tarren Mill has questioned everyone in trade chat’s sexual orientation? Or their mother’s promiscuity?

    • You have trouble getting Alliance to hit TM? o.O *brain asplodes*

      TM was raided every single day, multiple times per day, through every horde toon I ever leveled.

      If you want people to go there, drop them a link to this post and talk about it in trade for a couple of days prior. Let them know there’s a massive PvP battle going on and when. Do it for both factions, set a time. If you build it (the hype), they will come.

  3. chckenmcbndy

    Would be a good idea if Blizz put more effort into promoting open world pvp. Tarren Mill/ Southshore battle days are what really sucked me into this game.

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  5. battlechicken

    So, not that I visit the Duro forums anymore, but has this been publicized? Because I’m totally going to be there.

    Only question now is: mage or druid?

  6. Mandaril


    Wait… what? Since when do I need an official holiday to spam the Horde with “Tarren Mill is under attack!”?

    Take out the flightmaster… After you’re done, take out the rest of Tarren Mill… Still bored? Ride up and take out the Horde AV battlemaster and his little buddies too!


  7. Conrose

    Southshore Tug-o-Wars, to this day still my fondest memories of PvP as a Rogue… such as during BC when I managed to gank a lvl 67 Shaman when the 12 Horde Healers and the Sea of DPS were distracted with something else or another (Certainly wasn’t other Ally toons, they had all withdrawn to the outskirts of the town)… then receiving a whisper from one of that guild’s premier Druid Arena players popped on an ally toon to say “You actually got him!”

    On more balanced days, I fondly remember seeing both TM and Southshore being over run within minutes of one another, and then during Classic, when after hours of fighting for no other reason than to fight, everybody got bored or loss motivation. Rogues got bored, headed to TM and ganked the Flight Master and denying the Hordies a path to whatever raid they were planning to hit up. Minutes later, Ally flightmaster is knocked out of commission and the battle rages on, now with a reason to legitimately hate the other side.

  8. I’m game!

    In other news, I’ve only got EOTS, WSG, and AV left for Chillun’s Week. Then I gotta get my hands on a cake and I’m a Patron.

  9. not even remotely interesting. been there, done that. *yawn*

    the challenge is to amass outside ICC on raid nights. and wipe out opposing faction trying to get in. of course, first you have to keep killing off the guards.

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  12. Now, of all times, I wished I had the money to play WoW. (Looking for steady work before I even think about getting back into the game.)

    I was on a PvE server back in Vanilla, when I witnessed my first SS v TM free for all. It was messy, uncoordinated, ugly. It was also glorious and I wanted in on that mess!

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