Cyn’s Guide to Using Level 1 Characters with the Remote Auction House

The lack of Armory entries on level 1 characters has led to a lot of people thinking that you can’t use the new Remote Auction House application with level 1 bank toons.

Don’t worry.  Your fabulous level 1 banker is safe.  You can still use the Remote AH with them.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to Characters.

Step 2: Go to My Characters to view all of your characters, including those who don’t appear in the Armory.

Step 3:  Sort by level and scroll to the bottom to find all your level 1 characters.  Hit the Edit button on the top of the screen.

Step 4: Select the level 1 character you want to log in with. In this case, I’m choosing Seneschal, my Horde banker on Durotan.

Step 5: Click Done to set the level 1 character as your main character.

Step 6:  Hit Home and you’re all set! You now can control all the Auction House features through the mobile application, even though you still can’t view your banker’s Armory profile.  It’s a small price to pay for banking in style.

That’s it.  To sum up:

  1. Go to My Characters to view all your characters.
  2. Hit Edit and choose the level 1 banker of your choice.
  3. Hit Done to set them as your main character.
  4. Go Home and select the Auction House to begin banking.

Spread the word — you don’t need to level up your bankers!  Level 1 toons of the world, rejoice!



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10 responses to “Cyn’s Guide to Using Level 1 Characters with the Remote Auction House

  1. This is absolutely CRUCIAL information, since most of us use low-level bank alts. Thank you for writing this up with pictures on how to do it!

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  5. wowaltoholic

    Nice guide glad I stumbled onto your blog. I’ve reblogged it on my site.

  6. Thanks! Now if only I could do the same thing on the browser…

  7. firstbass

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. Greg R Wiatroski

    Thanks! You just saved me having to level up my mule… =]

  9. Not Needed

    Can you just use a level 55 death knight?

    • You could, but then you couldn’t use the regular Auction House. You’re still phased in Eastern Plaguelands until level 58 or so.

      There’s a tradition of making bankers very low level toons – this post was in response to a lot of folks thinking they needed to level them up to level 10 just to get Remote AH access.