Cynwulf’s Auction House Manual

I find the game of making money in Warcraft to be fascinating. Make no mistake – gold grubbing in Warcraft is a game. You’re not going to get kicked out of your virtual home if you don’t have can’t make a payment. There’s no inflation. You don’t even have to buy food because there are mages everywhere these days.

But, if your characters are active, they are going to need to spend gold while they play. Training, reagents, ammo, bags, mounts, flying, repairs — all of these things cost money. And it’s a real hassle having to stop your fun because you don’t have enough gold.

So the trick is to learn how to have fun while making the gold. Then you can make it part of the fun.

When I started playing Warcraft, I did most everything wrong when it came to managing my finances. I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t have professions, then when I got them I didn’t level them up. I sold stuff on the AH for absurdly cheap prices. I went shopping on the AH every level or two for new upgrades, which was especially hilarious right before I hit Outland.

But I stuck with it. I got into the habit of making more money than I spent. I found things that made my time in the Auction House enjoyable. And eventually, the gold started rolling in. Who doesn’t like visiting their mailbox and finding it full of gold? Crazy people, that’s who!

I’ve found that there’s a lot I want to say about making money in WoW over the past year, but I’m also very wary of straying too far off topic with CBM.

*looks warily at all the Cyn’s Guides which have popped up over the past few months*

Anyhow,  I’ve enlisted Cynwise’s brother Cynwulf, her most public factor, to go ahead and start up his own weblog – imaginatively named Cynwulf’s Auction House Manual – on the matter.  This way, you can have your PvP over here, and your Auction House over there.

You can find ‘wulf over at  I hope you enjoy his take on making money in Warcraft.


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2 responses to “Cynwulf’s Auction House Manual

  1. Not used to seeing Cynwise out of full battle gear, I thought it was Cynwulf. Much to my surprise…


  2. That outfit used to be Cynwise’s Town Outfit for a long while. The goggles are the Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles ( that @fynralyl pointed out to me one day in Dalaran. They match the dress perfectly.

    The existence and appearance of Cynwulf have been confusing people since I created him. So this is sadly par for the course. :-/