Destruction Dueling

Kordwar from WTF Are You Survival pointed me to the Destruction Duel Guide 2, a seriously great introduction to playing a Destruction Warlock in PvP, with a rundown of how to beat a dozen classes or so.  It’s a long video, but very good — not only is it a great, clear instructional video, it’s bookended with a storyline that makes it stand out.

If you PvP on your warlock, or against warlocks, this is definitely worth watching.  The 1v1 class breakdown section is awesome.

Anyhow, as I’m watching this video I found myself becoming nostalgic for Destruction PvP.  I haven’t played Destro PvP since 3.3 came out and I switched from Destro/Destro to Affliction PvP/Demonology PvE.  There was a brief period when I rocked the dual Aff/Destro PvP specs, but I found it hard being proficient in both at the same time.  It’s like learning Spanish and Portuguese and trying to be fluent in both — you pick the wrong word because everything is so similar.

I love videos like this because they show you the potential for fun a class/spec has.  Watching people who are good at a class — any class — is a joy as a Warcraft player.

There’s a lot of excitement about Cataclysm going around right now.  (Notice I didn’t use words like “panic,” “consternation,” or “distress.”)  And with all that excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of that there are still fun aspects of the game to explore right now.  Maybe it’s an alt you haven’t played in a while, or a spec you’ve never tried.  Maybe it’s playing the auction house (*ahem*) or trying a different role.

For me?  I’m having a blast with my current Aff PvP/Demo PvE build, but maybe I should let myself go back to the bursty side while giving Aff PvE  spin in raids.

Sometimes, all it takes is a video of how much fun a spec can be to reawaken the joy in your play.

(Yes, I miss Shadowfury.  Like, duh!)


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5 responses to “Destruction Dueling

  1. Love those videos!. I’ve been watching them as I am trying to get into arena and wanted some ideas on surviving. Played affliction last week and we didn’t last as long as we had hoped, but it was virgin territory for both of us.

    This week, I’ve just re-rolled my lock back into a destro/demo pvp spec and have really enjoyed the bursty damage. Right off I have seen a 3x increase in my damage done during BGs. DOTs just weren’t doing it for me. I’ll probably continue to rock Affliction for my PVE spec.

  2. I really need to have a look at those videos. I haven’t played my warlock (who was my main for the longest time) in what seems like ages. Maybe those movies is just what I need to get back into the Warlock groove 😉

  3. Talent spec update:

    I REALLY like fire.

  4. @ Saga – Warlocks are in for a MAJOR change (almost as much as HUnters) I can’t wait 🙂