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You may recall the topographical battleground maps I did a few months ago; maps that showed the logical flow of the battlegrounds instead of the actual terrain.  The feedback I got on the designs was great and much appreciated, but I kept thinking that I needed to do more with them.  Maybe a series of introductory posts to each BG, or a detailed analysis of various strategies used in each fight.

But every time I sat down to write such a thing, I ended up staring at the damn maps, thinking that while that use was all well and good, it wasn’t quite right.

Apparently, I needed to put them on some clothing instead.

Introducing Cynwise’s Battlefield Shop,  where you can get your favorite map and simple strategies… on stuff.  There are a few designs available:

  • I ❤ Warsong Gulch, with the map and the following sayings: “The Flags are your only objectives,” “Either help the FC, or hunt the EFC,” “Control midfield for the flags, not the HKs,” and “Complains first, least skilled.  No exceptions.”
  • I ❤ Eye of the Storm, also with the map and “3 Bases > 1 Flag.”
  • I ❤ Arathi Basin, with the map and the mantras: “Fight at the flag,” “No, really, fight at the flag,” and “Get off the road.  Fight at the flag.”
  • I ❤ Strand of the Ancients, with the map and advice: “Defense: focus on killing Demolishers.  Hit them on the Beach,” “Offense, melee drive, ranged ride. Ignore the South GY,” and “It’s all about the Demolishers.”
  • I ❤ Isle of Conquest, with the map and strategies: “Take the Docks, use the Glaives to get into the Keep,” “Forget the Docks, take the other two, kill the Glaives.”
  • I ❤ Alterac Valley, with the map and advice: “Control the Graveyards to control your opponent,” “You can’t win by controlling the Field of Strife. Capture a tower instead,” and “A strong defense stops a strong zerg. Every time.”
  • I ❤ Wintergrasp, with just the map.  I couldn’t break down my advice to pithy sayings, so I’ll leave it up to the wearer to explain the best strategy.

I won’t be going to Blizzcon personally, but if you catch anyone wearing these shirts there, send me a picture and I’ll post it!



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16 responses to “Cynwise’s Battlefield Store

  1. WTB option to send those via /whisper.

  2. The AB one is my favorite. 🙂

  3. I would love to see per bg strategy guides. That original map post was extremely helpful.

    And the shirts are awesome!

  4. battlechicken

    YAY! I’m so glad you went through with it, this is AWESOME.

    I do ❤ Warsong!

  5. jay

    Neat idea. I hope you are able to reap the benefits, from the wonderful guides you have put out.

  6. Cyn, I ❤ AB and YOU! Please say you will send these to the UK?!!

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  8. I… I almost feel like I need the Strand one. o.o;

    (Yes, Strand is my favorite BG, /deal with it/.)

  9. Wow! Thank y’all so much!

    If you do order, please let me know how your order turns out. I’ve used CafePress before and have been happy with their on-demand printing, but they’ve expanded their selection considerably and I’m always nervous when there’s more than I can inspect personally.

    (I’m going for I ❤ Arathi Basin. Fight at the flag, people!)

  10. I seriously think I need the WSG one. 🙂

    Just discovered your blog a few days ago, been going back and reading the articles, great stuff!

  11. Brilliant. Just… brilliant. You are a genius.

  12. infomatic

    Great stuff. Absolutely fantastic.

    Now that I’ve said how great it is, I’ll ask for more: Can we get men’s Zip Hoodies, please?

    Even if we can’t, I’m buying something.

    • I am keeping a running list of things that people have said they’d like to buy: beer mugs, pint glasses, and now a men’s zip hoodie. I’m on the lookout for suppliers and see what I can do. It might have to be a preorder kind of thing, instead of on-demand.

      Thanks to everyone who’s ordered something so far! Let me know how it all turns out!

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