Wrathful Gear Now Available To All

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wrathful Gladiator’s gear – the final tier of PvP gear – is now available to be purchased without an Arena rating.  All PvPers can upgrade the majority of their gear to Wrathful using Honor Points.

The text on the gear is still red, and the rating requirement is still there, but you can buy it.  The only exceptions I’ve found so far have been the Shoulders, which require a 2000 rating.  The headpiece, which only requires a 1950, is certainly purchasable.  I am out of Honor Points to try for some weapons, but will PvP a bit this weekend and test them out.  (I was able to purchase a wand, but that’s a lower rating requirement than many of the weapons.)  I assume the tabard is also out of reach.

So… go forth!  Upgrade your gear!

I will be posting updates to the 4.0.1 PvP gear guide as I find out more.

Special thanks to Gnomeaggedon and Hints in the comments for passing this along!



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19 responses to “Wrathful Gear Now Available To All

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  2. tinkerpriest

    From what Rilgon was telling me a few nights ago, the only unpurchasable items are the Wrathful shoulders/weapons/tabard (basically the items that require over 2k rating to obtain). 🙂

  3. Handera

    This reminds me of how it was in TBC. Upper level shoulders and weapons were the big ticket items, if I remember correctly.

  4. Wait, so does that mean you can or cannot use it without the rating? I’m not able to log in to try.

  5. SWEEET! Just picked up my Wrathful cowl, offhand and wand. Hope to get chest and weapon next.. Just need a bunch of points. (1 down, 10 more to go) plus that pvp head enchant.

  6. ooooo . . just picked up my set. Hell I didn’t even put it on and I was better at PvP.

  7. I bought the shield, but noticed another thing:

    The prices are WAY different. The shield only cost me 7 honor points!

    Granted, you only get 17 honor points per WG quest, but still…. (are honor points still the same per kill, of did that get changed?)

  8. I was happy to see wrathful gear was available as well. Sucks that you can’t get the shoulders and T2 weps as those were about the only things I was missing on my priest.

    I’m far more motivated to go back and gear the rest of my lvl 80 alts now that I can get them in a full set of pvp gear without having to work on rating.

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  10. If you have read the WoW tos – you will know that you can be banned for expoloiting bugs, which is what stopped me at first – However a blue post has said that it is intended they be purchaseable, the only bug is the requirements listed on it.

    like the comments said, you can only buy items under 2k rating – so you can only buy ‘most’ stuff from the veteran arena guy (except shoulders), you CAN buy most weapons he sells but you cant buy anything from the ‘exceptional weapons’ vendor (who sells the better weapons and the tabard).

  11. I picked up the shield for my shaman tonight. The item costs seem a little out of whack. Shield cost me 70 honor while the dagger was over 1500 honor (can’t remember the exact cost). Actually pvp and battlegrounds in general seem a little out of whack since the patch. I don’t think I should be getting 2 shot while wearing 1k resilience.

  12. Wolfofthenyght

    I am happy to report that this is fantastic 🙂 I reforged as much Spirit on my gear as I could to hit, and followed the suggestions and macros in this article and was easily pulling 3.8-4k DPS on a target dummy in a very low gear level lol

    For the record: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Moon+Guard&cn=Dresga

    ^This is what I mean by low gear level. Thank you so much! I’m really have a blast with this toon! 🙂

  13. Wolfofthenyght

    Whoops, replied to the wrong article. Doh! Sorry 😦

  14. With this change it seems that every Tom, Dick and Sally holy paladin is sporting the healing shield. I’m not usually a selfish person but when you are in greens and blues and sporting a shield that rivals BiS, I sigh a little bit.

    PS. Can you get ANY PVP weapon or simply none at all?

  15. Gankeedoodle

    It sure would be nice if you could reforge resiliance in some cases.