Gaming Worlds Collide Blogcast

If you’re not getting enough Warlock news here, I’m appearing tonight at 6:30 EDT on the Gaming Worlds Collide blogcast to talk about the state of Warlocks in 4.0.1 with Esh and Kat.  There will be PvP talk, for sure, but I’ll also talk a bit about how ‘locks are doing in PvE.  (Short version: Warlocks are doing very well.)

You can listen via your browser at the above link, or dial in to (917) 932-1937 to listen on your phone.  (Analog technology? What is this madness?)

Sorry for the short notice on this one; I’m looking forward to talking about ‘locks – because I’m crazy, I’m leveling 3 of them, one of each spec – and hope you have a chance to listen in.  The recording will be available later if you can’t make the session tonight.


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4 responses to “Gaming Worlds Collide Blogcast

  1. Onebaddude

    Sorry I missed your radio broadcast. I cought the last 30 seconds of it, I think you were talking about redridge mountains.

  2. Jason

    Loved the podcast, thought your guest was being a little obnoxious with the typing though. Otherwise I love the site and the podcast was insightful!

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