Rename Your Demon Minions

Wow. There’s a lot of new stuff in the Shattering patch. Take, for instance, the appearance of Demon Trainers near all the Warlock Trainers.

I didn’t think much about them until @bringing_chaos on twitter let me in on what they actually do. Remember when patch 4.0.1 hit and our demon minions had been replaced? And how that, as that unfortunate mess got straightened out, the developers hinted that warlocks who didn’t like their demon’s names could change them in a future patch?

Well, the future is now. Don’t like your demon’s name? Visit a Demon Trainer near you and for the low low price of 50g, you can generate a new name for 1 minion.

Above is my baby warlock Cynixie. I’ve rolled a few warlocks with the intention of seeing how the leveling experience is for each spec. ‘nixie was to be my Demonology test.

But, the problem was her Felguard’s name: Chinilashak.

Chinilashak? Vanilla shack? Chinchilla shack? You can’t expect me to take Demonology seriously if I’m having to summon my fearsome Felguard Chin-man, do you?

As you can see in the picture above, I visited a guy named Torian. He said he could help. I gave him 50 gold, selected the minion I wanted to rename, and…

My felguard is now named Vazeelvazul.


(Well, I suppose if I make vuvuzela sounds when I summon him, maybe it will work out.)

So. If you’re unhappy with your demon name? Go change it! Lousy service from your VW? Change him out! Caught your succubus with the upstairs maid? Swap her in for a better one!

Go forth and resummon your demons!


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24 responses to “Rename Your Demon Minions

  1. It is only fair that warlocks should be able to change their pet names….

    Hunters were able to with 3.0 and inscription…

    Mages can…or could…with macro commands though I never got it to work…

    • Carver

      That’s flawed reasoning. Hunters and Warlocks are not the same. Hunters tame non-sentient animals. Warlocks enslave sentient demons. People generally like being called by their own name, or at least the name they choose (demons are people for the sake of this example). Would you like it if someone started calling you Bertha because they didn’t like your given name?

      • I always thought it was more the idea that the true name of a being gives you power over them. Demons are subjugated by the power of the Warlock, but it is the name that gives them the permanent control.

        Thus: Hunters can rename their pets, but Warlocks have to go dominate another demon.

    • Tabasa

      The macro that let mages change their Elemental’s names was a bug. Blizz reset the names several weeks after it was realized they could be changed. So Water Elementals are still the only “permanent pets” without even random names.

    • Kylenne

      Water Elemental names were taken away with 4.0.3, and the rename script was disabled. So no, Frost Mages can’t name their pets.

  2. Wolfofthenyght

    This is a great idea! It’s about time that warlocks get to change their pets names! Very cool 🙂 I’m glad that Blizz is following through with their promises- it gives hope to the future. lol

  3. The Giant

    My lock is still young, on an isolated server, and pisspoor. Do you get to write your own names, select for a list, or is a new one simply randomly generated for you?

  4. ZS

    Having an imp named “pizpad”, I don’t care what it renames to, it HAS to be better than “pizpad”.

  5. Sanctuari

    I’m gonna sound like I’m trolling, but I swear I had seen a Succubi with the name “Krak’hore” at some point.

    I wonder if thats still possible, also, is there a list of all names somewhere? I know DK ghouls had one.

  6. JCinDE

    Does anyone remember when Warlocks could abandon their demon for free? Yep. Back in classic, it was possible with a macro command. Basically it was a script call to the same function that abandons hunter pets. The next time the warlock summoned the demon it would be a new demon with a different name. For free. Then Blizz found out, didn’t like the idea and shut it down. Evidently they’ve changed their minds.

    But hey, why re-add something for free when you can make it a gold sink?

  7. marblex

    SIGH….why cant you just pick the name you want for 50 gold? Sheesh, Blizzard.

  8. Hyacin

    “Caught your succubus with the upstairs maid? Swap her in for a better one!”

    Um, actually, I’d like to swap *for* this one please …

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  10. matthew

    I have Chinilshak as a felguard!

    I like it. . . I rp with it.

    Need some fabric? Go to Chenille Shack! Make you warm as fuzzy – as he cleaves you.

    • That is really too funny! You have more guts than I do, sticking with the name.

      Of course, now I have a vuvuzela as my baby Felguard. Serves me right for giving up on a Chenille Shack!

  11. My felguard has a wonderful name! By default!


    If it’s visible, KEEL IT! XD

  12. Vr2lRose

    What id like to see is maybe…. in your casting you detect the following demons are available…3-5 names pop up and you get to pick one. that way you have SOME choice in the matter. but your still summoning. and people can avoid vulgar sounding names.

  13. bob

    this is crap actually. for 50g i want to choose the name myself. I’m its master just as a hunter is its pets master – no difference.