They Love Me Behind That Wall

Cynderbock is Exalted with Gilneas before Cataclysm.

Wait, what?

That’s crazy to think about, considering it took, at most about … 10 runs of Deadmines, max, to achieve? The new Gilneas Tabard (one of the new City Tabards, available at vendors near the home city Flight Points) allows you to gain reputation gains in dungeons, and if you do them at-level, they reward pretty substantial rep.

How substantial? 15 rep for each mob, 300 for each boss.  If you’re Human, that’s 16-17 each mob, 330 each boss.

So making a level 19 Ambassador just got a whole lot easier.  Lock your XP, get tabards, run LFD for profit and a title. Easy. You could do LFD at level 15, even, if you like RFC – or if you have friends who will run you, you can enter the dungeons at level 8-10.

This is a great change for the game, making it easier to use LFD as a leveling tool without missing out on all the benefits of questing.

Does it trivialize the Ambassador title on Cynderblock? Not really. Yes, it’s vastly easier to get now, and I expect I’ll see even more of them than I did before. That’s fine. No, really, it is!

See, the changes now can’t take away the fun I had in getting that title. Or, for that matter, getting Exalted with a faction that isn’t even really in the game yet. I mean, it’s not like I get anything from the deal, since ‘block still can’t use a mount. (Not that Gilneas has a mount to get, anyways.)

No, it’s time to move on and look forward to all the new things Cataclysm will bring us.  And no matter what else – they love me behind that wall.


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4 responses to “They Love Me Behind That Wall

  1. I’ve had the Gilneas tabard on my rogue since they became available last week, yet it isn’t giving me any rep in Northrend dungeons as I’m leveling. I’m guessing it’s a bug, but it was still disappointing. If nothing else it looks cool on her.

    Grats also!

  2. Jetblack

    you know when i read your first post about ambassador at 19 i decided to do the same at 19 with the tabards and let me tell you even tho’ its “easier” to do it now, it gets annoying specially if you’re a Blood Elf and you are only friendly with The Forsaken so i gave up and got it at 24 xD

    • “Easier” is always a relative term – this still isn’t trivial. You’re looking at maybe 60 dungeon runs versus 650 quests or so. Depending on your class and gear level, one could be very easy versus the other.