Warlock Macros in Cataclysm

I am a strong believer in using macros to help automate tasks.  They allow you to react quickly in game, switch targets, juggle multiple actions at once…

Yeah. I ❤ macros.

If you have never used macros before, you may find my Introduction to Macros post helpful. If you’re just getting started with macros for your warlock, you may find my first post on Warlock Macros useful, though it is becoming rapidly out of date, as both the macro syntax and warlock class have changed.

Let’s get down to some new macros.


Your Imp is now pretty damn good at PvP. It’s not just that he packs a wallop and can kill people on his own (because he can, daaaaamn) – no, it’s that he inherited the Felhunter’s friendly Dispel Magic.

If you run Destruction, you must have this macro:

/cast [@player] Singe Magic

and use it whenever possible. That Imp is going to burn the hostile magic off of you.  Affliction?

/cast [@mouseover] Devour Magic; [harm] Devour Magic

This will eat the buffs off of your mouseover target, or your target if your mouse isn’t pointing at something.

You know what else is pretty good? Fel Fire. You know why it’s good?

If you answered “green fire,” I will cut you. Yes, we know it’s green. Get past that.

No, it’s good because it’s an instant cast nuke with no cooldown. And that means you are, once again, a Shaman’s worst fucking nightmare.

To nuke those totems:

/cast [@mouseover,harm] Fel Flame; [harm] Fel Flame

Warlocks haven’t been able to use pet stomping totems for about a year, but with Fel Flame and a mouseover macro, we’re back in a big way. This macro will cast Fel Flame at your mouseover target (if you have one) or your target (if you don’t). When you see a totem forest, mouse over the totems and start spamming FF at them. If you don’t have a mouseover target, it will hit your target instead.

This type of macro is also really useful if you want to try using more mouseover targeting in general. You can put any spell in there and swap between your target and your mouseover target with impunity.

You know what else is kinda cool? Soul Swap and a focus macro.

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/focus [@mouseover]
/cast [@target] soul swap
/cast [@focus] soul swap
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/clearfocus [@focus,dead]

Much like the Fear Focus macro (which you’re using, because you CC like a Pro, right?), this one:

  • Makes your mouseover your focus.
  • Sucks the DoTs off the target on the first press.
  • Shoots the DoTs onto the focus on the second press.
  • Clears your focus when the mob dies.

Awesome for handling adds on a boss, putting pressure on people in PvP, being popular at cocktail parties, whatever. Awesome.

Update 1/5/2011: There’s only one … itty bitty problem. Sometime in the past week, this macro became bugged, and now responds with the error message, “Spell Not Learned.” The answers I’ve seen on the forums is that you need to drop your current spec and respec to fix it, which is crazy, but there you have it. It *does* work, just… not right now. 😦

Moving on.

I tend to spam keys, which can be great for DPS but bad for channeled spells or targeting circles. Something about hitting a key repeatedly tells the UI “this person is a hyperactive moron who can’t make up his or her mind about Shadowfury…”

But I digress. Drain Life is definitely something you want to let tick through the whole way. So:

/cast [nochannelling] Drain Life

or, a slightly more complicated version (which I use):

/cast [mod] Drain Soul; [nochanneling] Drain Life

will prevent my spammy fingers from stopping DL before the healing ticks come through, and:

/cast !Shadowfury

keeps the circle from going in and out while I pound on the keyboard.

(I do not want to talk about the removal of Drain Mana.)

Improved Soul Fire is a totally hax buff, but keeping it up in PvP can be a pain. You’ll want to take advantage of burning a shard and making it instant cast, like so:

/castsequence reset=2,combat Soulburn, Soul Fire

If you’re Affliction, you can use this as well:

/castsequence reset=2,combat Soulburn, Seed of Corruption

Bang this key twice to empower your Soul Fire and Seeds, or just once if you want to do something else.

If you want to be extra special, add Curse of the Elements to the end. Since Soul Fire and Seed of Corruption has a travel time, you can sometimes get Curse of the Elements on before SF hits, giving you an additional 12% damage and lowering the target’s resistances. I usually don’t spam it, just tap it twice… but having the additional curse at the end is always nice if I’m on the run.

Speaking of being on the run, you need to be able to cast on the run, no matter what your spec. Make a macro solely for you instant cast spells so you can be dishing out the pain when on the move:

/castsequence reset=2,combat Corruption, Bane of Agony, Curse of the Elements, Immolate

I end with Immolate because I want something to let me know that I’m out of DoTs to cast without stopping. You can use Unstable Affliction or Fear here too, just give yourself something with a cast time so that you don’t cycle continuously through three DoTs and waste your mana.

At the same time, you should have a fairly standard setup for questing. This is less about doing the most DPS, and more about killing things in the most efficient manner possible.  For Destro I use:

/castsequence reset=2,combat Immolate, Conflagrate, Incinerate, Incinerate, Chaos Bolt, Fel Fire, Drain Life

This is pretty straightforward; just have a macro you can pound on that delivers the spells you need onto a mob as quickly as you can. I usually pop a Soul Fire before starting that one, but it’s not something I always have time to stand around for.


Here are some modified versions of macros I published in my first Warlock Macros post.

Buffs! Everyone likes them, and they’re a bit easier to manage now. I prefer a post-GY rez macro for when I’m coming back from the dead; I just hit it until all my buffs are back.

/castsequence reset=@player,2 Fel Armor, Soul Link, Unending Breath, Create Healthstone, Create Soulstone

Now that stones don’t cost shards, there’s zero reason not to buff yourself with them. Combine the above with:

/cast  Create Soulstone
/use [nocombat,help,nomodifier:alt] Soulstone; [nocombat,@player] Soulstone

which will apply a Soulstone to a player if one is targeted, or to yourself of not.


I’m obviously missing some abilities here – I’m not playing Demonology right now, and it shows, as I’m not really up to speed on the Felguard’s abilities or Hand of Gul’dan. I’m also somewhat focused on PvP right now, so haven’t dived into a lot of PvE-specific macros yet.

So, I’d love to see what you’re using – post your macros below in the comments!

(Don’t forget to look at Wowwiki for more Warlock Macros, too.)




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70 responses to “Warlock Macros in Cataclysm

  1. Tinkertoy

    Very helpful for the warlocks in PvP, good to know what my enemies use :)!

  2. Antony K

    Hi there,

    Thank you for these macros. They are very helpful for a new warlock.

  3. Your macros can be abbreviated.




    are synonyms, and if you want to use the same spell just under different conditions or targets, then just chaining the conditions in front of the spell name suffices. You also have a few unnecessary spaces.

    For example, for your fel pup macro,

    /use [@mouseover][harm]Devour Magic

    will do exactly what you currently have for it.

    Your Fear macro from the previous post could be

    /focus [@focus,noexists][@focus,dead]mouseover
    /use [@focus,harm]Fear;Fear
    /stopmacro [nomod:ctrl]

    Very good post, though. You actually even came up with some use cases for non-fluff


    macros that I buy might be more efficient than doing them by hand, which I don’t come across too often 🙂

    • Thanks! That’s good advice on tightening up macros – I confess, I’m only optimizing for space when space becomes an issue, but these are some good habits to get into.

      I used to use a lot of /castsequence macros, but I found very soon that it got problematic in any sort of raiding environment. I like having the ability to have a button be one thing most of the time, but if I need to bang out a quick sequence it’s available. So, thank you for the compliment. 🙂

    • So I adopted your shortened syntax, but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. For instance:

      /use [@mouseover] [harm] Fel Flame

      Will go ahead and work correctly on the mouseover, but not fire at the target correctly.

      /use [@mouseover,harm] Fel Flame; [harm] Fel Flame

      Goes to both the target (with no mouseover target) and mouseover target correctly.

      Is this a recent change to macro syntax?

      • Sorry, missed this previously. Sorry for taking 3 million years to respond.

        You need to check for exists for @mouseover stuff (which I should’ve done for the Devour macro). Basically, if you include a “harm” or “help” check, it’s also implicitly checking “exists”. So if you do one of those, you’re already good. But if not, have an exists after the @mouseover, or it’ll get stuck when you don’t have a mouseover target, & won’t move on to the next thing.

        For example, your working macro should also work as /use [@mouseover,harm][harm]Fel Flame

        In both that modified version and your original, the key difference from [@mouseover][harm] is that you are checking to make sure the mouseover target exists, implicitly.

  4. .. I’m fairly certain Soulburn doesn’t trigger GCD.. so I think this macro:
    /castsequence reset=2,combat Soulburn, Soul Fire

    could be done as this:
    /cast Soulburn
    /cast Soul Fire

    And require only a single click. This will interrupt your current cast/channel to trigger ISF.


    • I think you’re right from when I was experimenting with that button. I changed my mind and went with the /castsequence so I could have one button dedicated to Soul Burn, but still have the option to use it on other spells. In a raiding environment I would probably never need the quick resummon or teleport and could totally see dedicating this to one button. In PvP, that teleport burn is total hax, though!

      This is great advice, and definitely a better macro for raiding. Sweet, thanks!

    • Shylock

      I recently found this to attach soul burn to any of its uses, just replace the tool tip and second cast with what you want. I also like to pop trinkets as soon as possible so i can do all of this with one push of the button.

      #showtooltip Soul Fire
      /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
      /use 13
      /use 14
      /cast [nobtn:2] Soulburn
      /scrip UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
      /Console Sound_EnableSFX 1
      /cast Soul Fire

  5. Great post. I’ve been trying to integrate mouseover a lot more, too. That’s totally where it’s at for Cat.

    • And yours as well – great minds, and all that!

      I’m switching a lot of my macros over to mouseovers – tab targeting only goes so far.

      • Hazmat

        Cyn, for some reason, after 4.1 patch was downloaded, my(your) Fear macro no longer works for me.

        I set target, sic pet on it, and it attacks. BUT, when I mouseover a different target to cast Fear, the spell gets cast on my primary target, not my secondary.

        No idea what happened, and my attempts to correct have failed.

        Can you help?

        • Let me see if it’s broken for me as well. I’m using a few variations on the macro now, so I’ll have to reload this specific one to see if it’s giving me trouble.

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  9. Max

    Hi! Love your blogg 🙂

    Im writing most of my friendgroups macros. But still Im clearly a novice at macro writing.
    I enjoyed reading about macros, its very inspiring. Im also a huge mouseover fan.
    I have never seen this line:
    /stopmacro [nomod:ctrl]
    Neither of the commands. What does /stopmacro do and what does [nomod:ctrl] do in the above mentioned fear macro?

    Best regards, Max

  10. /stopmacro is a special slash command which tells the macro to not proceed further. By itself, it’s pretty useless. However, it’s one of the commands available in macros which can take the macro conditionals as arguments. In this case, it’s being given the [nomod:ctrl] condition. This condition will be true if the control modifier key *isn’t* being held down when the macro is used.

    If ctrl is held down, then it *won’t* stop. But if it isn’t, then it will. Thus, whatever comes after it will only execute if ctrl is held down. This lets you have macros that have a beginning that does the same or similar things in most cases, and then has extra stuff you only worry about in some cases.

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  12. Epanine45

    Hey, I just discovered this while trolling around looking for new Cataclysm Warlock stuff at work. I loved all your recommended macros, but when I finally got home to try them, not a single one would function right. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
    Is it the spacing? Something else I’m missing? Please help. This is the third time I’ve tried to work macros into my action bars with total failure.

    • Can you give more information about what’s happening when you try? Did you try the step-by-step instructions in the Introduction to Macros post? Are there specific macros which are failing?

      • Epanine45

        Woooooow. now I feel dumb. Thanks for trying to help but it turns out it was just the spacing. It was all fucked up for some reason. hehehe Thanks anyway! Great macros btw!

  13. Flipper

    Extremely helpful thanks a ton. Can you get more pve macros out for spell rotation please.
    Keep posting.

    • Generally, spell rotation macros aren’t good for your DPS in a raid or even a heroic environment. Small, short macros make more sense than a long sequence because you will want to cast things on a priority basis, not a strict rotation.

      For leveling, though, heck, macro yourself out. I use the ones listed above to CICD and DoT up targets all the time. If there are specific ones you are looking for, just ask!

  14. Hello, Cynwise! I have a macro question for you!

    My problem is: whenever I cast Fear on a target to start a pull, my Imp (I’m Destruction) will immediately start attacking the Feared target. As we know, that’s not good. It’s not as bad with other demons, as they usually have to walk to the target and can be called back in time, but I can’t cancel the Imp’s Firebolt once he starts casting. I could set him to passive and then active manually, but that’s just begging to forget to tell him to attack every now and then.

    So I tried to come up with a Macro to stop the Imp from attacking. Do you have anything that would tell a pet to stop attacking, then tell him to attack again once the Fear is cast? I tried to put it all in a single macro, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe I could macro a /petpassive to Fear, then macro /petdefensive to Immolate (my first spell by default)?

    • I would adopt a strategy like Wrenz suggested in the comments on my Warlock CC post – put a /petpassive command in your CC macro, and a /petattack macro in certain other spell macros, like Immolate, Incinerate, or Corruption.

      • Loww

        I found that if you keep your pet on passive all the time and macro /petattack into a damaging spell the imp will attack that target until it dies or you cast that same macro at another target. I have it macroed with immolate so that my imp is all ways on the same target that I am, or staying on the boss if I’m aoeing down adds.

  15. Anne Broadribb

    Hi Cynwise, I love your site and read it avidly in an
    effort to not suck and be the best warlock I can be. I am having
    some trouble with my macros. I would like one that Icould start my
    priority list with that would tie my pet attack (say axe toss) into
    my first spell.I try and try and he just stands there wanting to
    know what happened to my friend and threatening to kill me with
    gusto. If he doesn’t shape up soon I am going to drag out the
    strumpet. Keep up the great work. Saintcrow Blackrock

  16. A solution to the “Soul Swap Macro Bug”:
    You have to take out all “Soul Swap” icons from your action bars, and just have the macro-icon there. Worked fine for me after a relog. There is a weird pause, before the exhaling part though … don’t know why.

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  18. Zuraagoro

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a noob at macros, and going forward I’ll be an avid follower of your great blog. I cut and pasted: /castsequence reset=2,combat Corruption, Bane of Agony, Curse of the Elements, Immolate and cannot get it to work as indicated. Any suggestions for me to tweak it?

    • Vilusia

      First time blogger on your site but in response to Zuraagoro. I have just added that macro into my rotation and it works great plus I also added Conflagrate and all I have to do is hit the button 5 times and that sets me up for my next macro. Check your spacing and any possible spelling errors.

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  21. Casper

    So I’m brand new to your site and just getting back into WoW after Cat came out. I just had a question about the focus macros with the mouseover. When I tried the fear focus one it only worked if I had no target clicked on. If I clicked on a target it would just cast fear on the target I had and the mousover wouldn’t work. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to work like that?

    • If you have a target, and a different target under your mouse, it should make the mouseover target your focus and cast Fear on it, leaving your target alone.

      If you have no target, but your mouse is over something, it should make the mouseover target your focus and cast Fear on it, leaving your target clear.

      If your mouse isn’t over a target you can cast on, then it will cast Fear on your target (if you have one) and do nothing if you don’t.

      Does that make sense?

      • Casper

        ya it totally does…I must have something wrong then cuz when i target something and then try the mouseover it casts on my target not the mouseover..

  22. Robert

    I am looking for a macro that will:

    check to see if haunt is up on the target, if not cast haunt
    then check for corruption if not cast it
    then check for UA if not cast it

    I do not want to kill a ticking dot before it is finished (need that dps!) but would love to be able to use one key to keep my dots up without accidentaly killing one to early. And haunt is a 23% damage increase for our dots. Any ideas for a macro like this? I apologize, but macros are not my strong suite. =(

    • Unfortunately, macros cannot check state before they execute, nor can they do conditionals. Blizzard’s stance on this is that it is too much like having the game play itself, and that’s been fairly consistent for the last few years.

      My best advice would be to get a DoT tracker like NeedToKnow, set it to track your dots, and then cast the appropriate spell.

  23. Hazmat

    Thanks for looking.

    If you have variations on your macro that work now, and they work, maybe you could share them with us?
    I have not been in a Heroic instance since patch, trying to get everything working again. Including having to reinstall game completely…

  24. Psyshadow

    /cast [@player] Singe Magic
    /cast [mod:shift] Consume Shadows; Sacrifice
    /cast [mod:alt] Whiplash; [mod:ctrl, @focus] [mod:shift,@mouseover] [ ] Seduction;
    /cast [mod:alt] Devour Magic; [mod:ctrl, @focus] [mod:shift,@mouseover] [ ] Spell Lock

    Here is my all in one pet macro:
    – Casts Singe Magic on Me, if Imp out
    – Casts Voidwalker Sacrifice, if Shift is pressed, he casts Consume Shadows (good for feral druids)
    – With succubus casts Seduction on my target if no mod is pressed, with shift casts on my mouseover target, ctrl on my focus target and alt brings up whiplash
    – With felhunter, no mod casts spell lock, shift on my mouseover, ctrl on my focus and alt uses Devour Magic

    Hope it helps 😀

    • Hazmat

      Psy, it would help, but it is not addressing my problem.

      To repeat, I used to have a macro that allowed me to mouseover a second target and cast Fear on it when I hit the appropriate CC key. This allowed me to continue to DPS the tank’s target, previously selected when I sicced my pet on it and cast Curse of the Elements, and re-cast Fear as needed by re-hitting the CC key, without having to change targets.

      This no longer works for me, has not worked since patch day last Tuesday.
      What happens is that hitting the CC key casts Fear on the tank’s target, my pet stops attacking and runs back to me, and the mob that should have been feared is now running loose, and usually attacking the healer…

      • Most of my focus macros are broken right now. 4.1 changed something in the syntax that made my all-in-one macros stop working.

        What I’ve taken to doing is set up three keys on my mouse to control focus – set focus to mouseover, swap focus and target, and clear focus. This lets me free up some focus macros. I then use bartender to allow Alt- to cast onto my focus. Since I’m primarily PvPing, this kind of control actually works out better for me. For PvE you oils do something similar, but hard code your fear to always go to your Focus.

        I hope to have another writeup done soon.

  25. Hazmat

    Thanks, Cyn, much appreciated!

    I got into “discussions” with Teon at The Warlock’s Den over this, who basically dismissed my posts as uneducated. It’s nice to know that I am not alone on this, and I look forward to your new macros post to address the issue.

    As, I fear, setting up three keys on my mouse really points out how uneducated i really can be…

    • I got a Razer Naga a few months back and it’s opened up a new set of possibilities for me with keybinds. I’m a bit spoiled where I can take three keys and just dedicate them to target/focus manipulation.

      If you are using something like:

      /use [@mouseover,harm][harm] Fear

      That should get your mouseover target if you have one, or your regular target if you don’t. If you just want to get your mouseover target, you can:

      /use [@mouseover,harm]Fear


      The only drawback to the second option would be that if you really wanted to cast Fear on your target and you weren’t mousing over it, things could get dicey.

  26. Hazmat

    So, if I use

    /use [@mouseover,harm][harm] Fear

    and have it bound to my CC button, can I reapply Fear before it runs out by just hitting the same CC button, while I DPS the main target?

    And thanks, Cyn, for the help!

    • Well, the Fear will go only to your mouseover target.

      If you want it to go to your Focus, use /use [@focus,harm][harm] Fear and set your focus manually.

  27. I am a new destro warlock looking for a macro to lay all my dots at once(or in one key) without a modifier. I finally got power auras up to alert me to which buff/debuff is off cooldown, but i’d like to put them all on my #1 key. I tried

    /cast Curse of the elements
    /cast Bane of Doom
    /cast corruption
    /cast immolate

    but i think that the GCD messes this up. I’m not very good at macros and think that i’m missing something in the whole idea of it all. I JUST recently realized that some macro buttons have to be hit more than once!

    Also, really need to speed up the buffing process upon entering a dungeon or after dying and going back in. it takes so long to do soul well, target the healer with Soulstone and DI, and eat and drink and summon imp and put fel armor back on, and so forth that the group is gone by the time i look up from my buttons.

    Also after i do get all my dots and buffs up, should I just be spamming incinerate until imp soulfire and conflagrate come up?
    Please help if you can.

  28. Valek Hawke

    Am I missing something about the Soulstone Macro? The way I understand it is, with one click it will create a soulstone and – depending on who you have targeted – will use that soulstone on either that player if they are targeted or yourself is noone is targeted. When I click the button, with no one targeted, all it does is create the soulstone, that’s it. Nothing different than if I had clicked the spell button. Also, another question about /castsequence macros, do you have to push the button once for EACH Spell in the macro, or just one time to activate all spells listed?

    Great thread and thank you. By the way, how relevant are these to 4.2?


    • These should all still work in 4.2. 4.1 broke some things with respect to focus macros, but the rest should be fine.

      The Soulstone macro works with two clicks – create Soulstone if possible, or cast it on you/target if you’ve already created one. So if you are starting fresh (SS not present or on CD), the first click creates the stone, the second applies it to your target.

      Castsequence macros cast spells one at a time, in order. You have to keep pressing them to cast, and they’ll reset under the conditions specified (i.e. after 2 seconds of not being pressed for reset=2).

      Hope this helps!

      • Valek Hawke

        Ahhh….ok….that explains it…Sorry for possibly such a newbie question. I’ve only been playing for about 5 months and there is so much to learn especially about the Warlock class. Who knows, maybe it will help me get my DPS over 7.5k @ level 85 w/ iLvl 363…

        Thank you again for the information and the clarification. I really appreciate you.


  29. Kevin

    May have already been addressed but I didnt see it, macro for quick pet changes

    #showtooltip Summon Felhunter
    /castsequence reset=2
    /cast Soulburn
    /cast [nomod] Summon Felhunter

    • Yeah, I use a variaton on that for all my pet summons. I love spamming Surprise Spell Locks:

      #showtooltip Summon Felhunter
      /use Soulburn
      /castsequence reset=target/combat,2 Summon Felhunter, Soul Link, Demon Soul
      /use Spell Lock

      Quick Kiss!

      #showtooltip Summon Succubus
      /use Soulburn
      /castsequence reset=target/combat,2 Summon Succubus, Soul Link, Shadow Bolt, Demon Soul
      /use Seduction

      (You get the idea.)

  30. Pishag

    Okay, so…I’m pretty new to ‘locks in general, and not the most knowledgeable about macro syntax, but a quick experiment on my end makes me wonder if the “soul swap” macro isn’t failing because it tries to cast SS at your target again on the second click, which fails (because, I assume, you’re suppose to be exhaling it on another mob). My experiment basically involved removing the

    /cast [@target] soul swap

    line from the macro. I then set up all my DoTs on Mob A, used the non-macro’d Soul Swap button (for the inhale), then mouseover’d Mob B and hit the macro’d SS button. It set Mob B as the focus, and exhaled all over the mouseover target.

    You may already have that figured out, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.


  31. Mick

    This works almost perfectly for me, keep in mind you put CoE up first manually.

    /castsequence [combat] reset=5 Bane of Doom,Soul Fire,Immolate,Fel Flame,Conflagrate,Corruption,Incinerate,Incinerate,Life Tap,Soul Fire,Immolate,Fel Flame,Conflagrate,Incinerate,Corruption,Incinerate,Incinerate
    /cast Chaos Bolt
    /cast Soulburn

    My instant cast Soul Fire proc macro is …which will give you the buff and insta cast Soul Fire no matter if Demon Soul is on CD.
    /cast Demon Soul
    /cast Soul Fire

    This casts Chaos Bolt whenever it’s off CD and also Soulburn when off CD – my only one fault is very rarely when swapping mobs Conflagrate won’t work because Immolate is not there which will stall the macro until you manually pop up Immolate. This is for 4.2..

    Any tested and verified alterations are most welcome.

  32. Jorobetten the Lock

    Hi Cyn,

    Sorry if my post is too long. I hope this helps others. I’m a Demonology PvE Lock mainly. I use the following Metamorphasis macro which I pick up from someone else 🙂 but works well for me:

    /cast [nomodifier] Metamorphosis
    /cast Demon Soul
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast [nomodifier] Immolation Aura
    /cast [modifier:alt] Demon Leap
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    This will cast Meta, DS, Dps Trinkets in the first tap (boy do I feel buffed), a second tap casts Immolation Aura, and when I want to get up close and personal I hold alt and tap a third time leaping into the fray (if I really want to AOE I will also next cast [Summon Infernal], [HoG] & [Felstorm], [Shadowflame] and immolation while all the above is going on (perhaps I should macro that); can you say ouch baddies). I may have borrowed the above macro from you, not sure. Anywhoo …

    I also often use this macro (if I haven’t demon leaped and AOEed my opponents down) for the beginning of a Raid Boss fight & grinding:

    /castsequence reset=target/combat,4 Curse of the Elements, Bane of Doom, Corruption, Immolate, Hand of Gul’dan, Fel Flame

    This should send your pet into the fray as well as get your DOTs up by spamming one button.

    Moving onto doing damage; I give you what I like to call my “FELBOLT”:

    /castsequence reset=target/combat,4 Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Fel Flame, Corruption
    /cast [pet:felhunter]Shadow Bite(Basic Attack); [pet:felguard]Legion Strike(Basic Attack); [pet:Succubus]Lash of Pain(Basic Attack)

    Since our current spam PvE spell is Showdow Bolt, it throws out 3 SBs and the a FF and Corruption. There reason for the instant casts at the end is two-fold: I have found that for some reason in most Boss fights I can get off about 3 SBs before I have to move to avoid standing in the poo or avoid some other attack; also this helps to keep my corruption up and renew it to take advantage of armor/trinket procs that bonus my SP.

    Here is my pet specail ability (protect/CC/buff macro):

    /cast [pet:Imp, target=player] Singe Magic; [pet:Succubus, target=focus,harm] Seduction; [pet:succubus] seduction; [pet:felhunter] Spell Lock; [pet:felguard] Axe Toss; [pet:voidwalker] Sacrifice(Special Ability)

    You can leave the last line out if you like. lol. And when I get a Molten Core proc I like to use FELNERATE:

    /castsequence reset=target/combat,4 Incinerate, Fel Flame

    FF just adds that extra; here take that, to Molten Core. Please try my suggestions and if you see anyway to improve them or reasons why I shouldn’t use a portion of them please let me know. Love the website btw. And Finally, Remember:




    • Jorobetten the Lock

      Sorry there was a little left out. RE: FelFlame (FF)
      Felflame (FF) is an important addition (in my opinion) to many of the Demonolgy macros also because it refreshes Immolate on the target. By having FF in most of my macros it is rare that I have to hardcast immolate once I complete my Grinding macro.

      You may note I have a pet attack for each pet I use as a Demonology Lock added to my macro. This ensures that they are using their abilities just encase I have taken something off of auto cast with a different macro earlier in the fight.

      Also I forgot to add one of my favorite macros GUL’DANSTORM:

      /castsequence reset=target/combat,4 Hand of Gul’dan, Fel Flame
      /cast [pet:felguard] Felstorm
      /yell [enter your pet’s name here], Use FELSTORM!

      This one casts HoG, and Felstorm, at the same time, and with a second tap casts FF, while yelling in chat for your Felguard (by calling his/her name) to use his/her Felstorm (my guildies always crack up at that). For those that don’t know, HoG will also refresh Immolate and roots all targets within 4 yards if you are talented with Cremation & Aura of Foreboding (and why wouldn’t you be as Demonology). This is great as HoG is a short duration (1.83 sec) cast time (shorter then SB 2.29). With a 12 sec CD. I use this Macro every CD as HoG is Demon’s best nuke.

      BTW, for mouseover fear I use your macro as below. It still works fine for me:

      /focus [target=focus, noexists][target=focus, dead] mouseover
      /cast [target=focus,exists] Fear; Fear
      /stopmacro [nomodifier]
      /clearfocus [modifier:ctrl]

      and for Banish I use your Banish; again works fine:

      /focus [target=focus, noexists][target=focus, dead] mouseover
      /cast [target=focus,exists] Banish; Banish
      /stopmacro [nomodifier]
      /clearfocus [modifier:ctrl]

      At least I think I got Mouseover Fear & Mouseover Banish from your site. Anyways, Cyn, a big THANKS goes to you for teaching me how to use Macros. I was always confused and overwhelmed by them but now I am always searching for new and better Macros for my Lock, Jorobetten, and my alts.

      Well that’s all folks. If anyone can suggest improvements on the syntax or better uses please let me know.

      TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)
      And of course:

      Finally, Remember:




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  34. Mordralis

    I’ve been working with locks for several years now, and being a database programmer, I am big on macros. I cannot fathom why someone would want to hit many buttons to achieve their possible goal, when they can sequence those events to make them spammable by pressing one (1) key! Anyway…loved your post, and it was very well put together. I might add, to less confuse people, that WoW macros are not “true” macros. And they never will be. To give access for the ability to create true macros would be dangerous to the entire game. As you’ve mentioned, you cannot link together several macro actions into one.
    That being said, as many of you can see by now, to be proficent you are going to have a multitude of macros, which can get confusing, if you do both PvP and PVE. Rotations, movement casting, pet rotations, toe to toe combat, instant cast, DoTs and on and on and on. One set for raids, one for heroics, one for PvP, one for everything else.
    I would suggest that you get a very easy to use button addy. The one that I use will create anything from one button to as many as 32, horizontally and/or vertically, can be placed anywhere on your screen and sized accordingly. It also has a label that when moused over will show you what that particular button is.
    I would put a screen shot on here if I could…but since I can’t – I only use the one main action bar in WoW, and that is for generic buttons, like food & potions. The rest of my icons are all macros and grouped together according to type (PvP, PVE by column) and rotation type (by row). So I have on the right side of my screen a 2 column by 23 row action bar. Neat. Effective. Space saving. Efficent. Good bye screen clutter!
    Oh, and btw…if anyone ever gets a workaround for linking several macros, I’d love to see it!
    Rock on ‘Locks!

    • Valek Hawke

      Hmmm, that sounds pretty nice. Not sure what the policy here is but if you wouldn’t mind, what’s the name of that addy that you use? I’d love to check it out. If you can’t name it I’ll try to get you my email addy if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me.

      Thanks so much Mordralis, I appreciate it

  35. My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was totally right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t believe just how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!