Last week, I had the pleasure of recording the Double-O Podcast with Oestrus and Ophelie. I had a great time with them and totally smashed through their 1 hour normal run time. (Sorry! I like to talk! Oestrus and Ophelie are terrific hosts!)

Cyn, Lose or Draw is available for your listening pleasure over on the Double-O site. I’m going to go have a listen myself now!


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6 responses to “Double-O-Cyn

  1. We loved having you on the show, Cyn. Thanks for stopping by and for advertising the hell out of us, too!

    I’m making a low level toon on your server, as we speak.


    • Be sure to /join Twitter to see who all is on – we have a LOT of twitter people on in various guilds. πŸ™‚

      Thanks again!

  2. Loving the podcast. Interesting insight into the mind of Cyn. BTW, Mountain Dew can help make up those 25years if taking in sufficient quantities.

  3. Krystofar

    Did you think nobody would notice? “I’m just this guy, you know” I laughed so hard. TOTAL Zaphod.

    Nice work and thanks for turning me onto the podcast.

    • I was SO nervous people wouldn’t get the reference, sinze I divdn’t do ze accent, you know? πŸ™‚

      Thanks for listening!

  4. Shimoda

    Enjoyed the discussion. Loved ‘PvP is dangerous” Getting ganked early on is intimidating but you guys put it in perspective. Also like the emphasis that with hard work you too can be a Ganker instead of a Gankee.

    Many thanks.