The Changing Face of PvP Gear and the Rocky Road to Season 10

The transition from Season 9 to Season 10 has not been smooth.

  • Conquest Point caps were adjusted to encourage players to participate in Rated Battlegrounds. The resulting system is more complicated than what it replaced, and also splits the uniform PvP/PvE reward model introduced in Cataclysm.
  • At the end of Season 9, Conquest Points were converted into Honor Points (as expected.) Unfortunately, the Honor Point cap was not raised during the interseason week (as intended), causing all points over the 4000 cap to be converted to gold, preventing people from using their earned Conquest Points to complete their Vicious sets.
  • In an unannounced change, Season 9 Vicious sets (ilevel 365) purchased by Honor Points in the interseason week were not the same as the Season 10 Vicious sets (ilevel 371) purchased by Honor Points during Season 10. This means that players who spent the week between seasons grinding out Honor Points to start Season 10 in full Vicious gear found themselves with inferior gear than what they could have purchased once S10 started.

The first one is a policy change, and is irritating because of the devious way in which the change was introduced, but at least it was communicated and isn’t going to be a long-term frustration. Either you’re okay with it, or you’re not, but it’s the way things are now. Rated Battlegrounds are here to stay and Blizzard wants you to play them.

The second change was a deployment bug. Someone fucked up and included code in the 4.2 release that shouldn’t have been in there until a week later. In hindsight it really wasn’t that big of a deal, because the gear you could get with the lost Honor Points wasn’t going to be all that great in a week’s time anyways. But it was frustrating if you had Conquest Points and wanted to do something with a nice big pile of them.

Which leads us to the third change, which actually is a really big fucking deal, and there are two parts of it.

  • There is a major change in the way PvP gear is going to be upgraded between seasons, with significant implications for all PvP players.
  • And Blizzard forgot to tell anyone about it.

Let’s be honest. Blizzard fucked up in not telling anyone about this change, and they know it. They’ve had the good graces to come right out and say it, to their credit. How something like this gets missed is a lesson in corporate communications – someone might have noticed it, but it wasn’t the right person. Sure, I have found forum threads talking about it on the PTR (which does me no good in hindsight), but the right person didn’t stand up and say, hey, we need to mention this.

A lot of people spent time and effort in that week between the seasons grinding Honor Points so they’d be ready for Season 10. It’s a chance to get all caught up – everyone starts off equal at the beginning of the season. Only, because someone at Blizzard forgot to mention a critical point in the patch notes, that effort was wasted.

Don’t forget, that’s real time spent. Don’t try to say that it’s only a week. That’s bullshit. That’s real time people could have spent doing other things. That’s customer time just outright wasted.

Will the communication gaffe blow over? Eventually, maybe, I don’t know. Blizzard has indicated that they will try to make it right, because this is an actual customer service issue, but how can they really compensate them for it? Customers didn’t get the rewards they were expecting for the work they put in because of a corporate mistake. They made choices with their time that were wrong, and time is money.

But that’s not even the biggest problem here.


And there is no longer a requirement to “grind” unrated BGs for Honor each season, so the real time investment isn’t changing as much as some players are perceiving it to be.

Zahrym, “4.2 Conquest change

The Bloodthirsty and Vicious Gladiator’s gear of Season 9 (i352 and i365, respectively) are not as good as the Bloodthirsty and Vicious Gladiator’s gear of Season 10 (i358 and i371). You can make a good argument that the set and gem bonuses of the S9 Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s gear are equal to or outweigh the stats of the S10 crafted Bloodthirsty gear, but the S9 Vicious gear is a clear loser to S10. Not by a lot, mind you – but it’s better gear.

The gear progression path laid out for Cataclysm, both for PvP and PvE, was both simple and elegant.

  • Raiding and rated PvP gets you the the current tier of gear (Conquest/Valor Points).
  • Heroics and unrated PvP gets you the last tier of gear (Honor/Justice Points).
  • Crafted gear gets you two tiers back.

Yes, the absolute best PvE gear can only be gotten by raiding, but this currency system made sense. It’s easy to understand the flow between different tiers, it’s easy to plan out your gearing needs when a new raid tier is introduced, or a new season starts. Your current gear drops down a level, and you work your way back up to the next one.

Zahrym touches on this in his post on the 4.2 Conquest Points changes, quoted above. There were many great things with the new PvP system, but one of them was the promise that once you’d geared up for rated PvP, you didn’t have to go back to unrated BGs to do it again. This was good for both Arena players and regular Battleground players, as seasons past would see a swarm of well-geared Arena players either destroy casual battlegrounds, or resort to afk/botting to grind the Honor Points required for their PvP kits. The new system allowed people to assume that, by having a full Conquest set in one season, it would become a full Honor set in the next, eliminating the need to visit unrated Battlegrounds to gear up. Rated PvP players could keep playing what they wanted to play.

And don’t forget – the Honor Point grind for a full set is long. If you’re getting about 150 Honor Points per battleground – a pretty good average, by the way – that’s 179 BGs. At 15 minutes a BG, that’s 44.75 hours of play. So not having to grind out Honor Pieces each season is actually a really attractive perk, and Zahrym is right in calling that out.

But that’s no longer the case.

The change that was introduced in 4.2 is that each season will introduce three completely new sets of PvP gear. These sets will be calibrated for that season, not for the season preceding it. They will (confusingly) share the names of the previous season’s sets, but that’s it. No more cascading tiers, no more smooth transitions from season to season.

Every season, you start the gear grind over again. Rated PvP for top gear, with a weekly cap. Unrated PvP for the rest of your gear until your eyes bleed, or you seriously consider botting.

You can argue that the slight increase in stats between the i365 and i371 isn’t worth the time to upgrade. It’s not a huge difference. It’s only six points, after all!


What if I rephrased those six points as half the difference between Vicious and Relentless sets? What if the sets were called “Season 9.5” instead of “Season 10 Honor Gear”?

If you’re in full S9 Conquest gear now, you can upgrade to S10 slowly with Conquest Points, and S9.5 quickly with Honor Points.

The difference between tiers is 13 item levels. The difference between seasons is 6 ilevels. If you’re in S9 Conquest, you’re now 19 ilevels behind S10 Conquest, not 13.

You still think you can’t use some upgrades?

Whether this was done to encourage players to spend more time PvPing in general, or to increase attendance in regular BGs (something I hadn’t thought was a problem, to be honest), or to just make it take longer to get geared up – this has the effect of laying naked the gear grind that’s such a central part of Warcraft’s endgame, of taking the last shreds of a system that rewarded past effort and throwing it to the winds.

This isn’t a slight change. Changing gear distribution so that PvP players are faced with investing time they were not planning to spend is not something you forget about. This change not only destroys the symmetry of the PvP/PvE point system, it brings back the gear grind that we had hoped was gone the way of the dodo.

And that is the real problem with this change.


I took a break from Warcraft this past week, expecting to come back refreshed and ready to tackle S10 and Firelands. I rather enjoyed reading books at night and going to sleep early, but I still missed WoW. I was going to get into some PvE, see what these dungeons and raids were really like, but still keep my hand in with PvP through Arenas. After all, I have a full S9 Conquest set, I have some time free to work on my T11/T12 now, right?

I may have been refreshed when I logged back in, but my enthusiasm for PvP got washed away pretty quickly once I saw the changes to PvP gear in S10.

These changes are bad ones. They complicate the PvP gear system, which is exactly the wrong direction it needs to go in. They reintroduce a gear grind that is unmatched by anything in PvE.

And, most damningly of all, the PvP developers forgot to put them in the release notes.

If you want to give the appearance of not caring about your customers, about the fans of your game, I think this is just how I’d go about doing it. I think if I wanted to give the impression that I didn’t give a damn about PvP, this is the way I’d do it.

You seriously forgot?

(W)e’ve maintained an open dialog with our developers over the past 24 hours regarding the way in which the PvP season transition went down since patch 4.2 (this includes relaying a lot of the feedback we’ve seen on the forums to them).

– Zahrym, “i365 Vicious vs. i371 Vicious”

I trust that y’all will make up their own minds about this change, and will either decide that it’s a big deal, or not a big deal, and just get to work getting your Vicious (S10!) and Ruthless gear, or go find something else fun to do. I know you will!

But you know what? I liked getting enough sleep, and cleaning out my home directory, and shopping for crap on the internet, and playing stupid cute addictive games on my iPhone, and having nice, relaxing non-WoW evenings with my spouse. WoW is fun, but it’s not that much fun.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been more disappointed in this game company than I am right now, and the only thing keeping me from canceling my account is that my son wants to see how the Gilneas starting area ends. There have been enough mismanaged changes to PvP in the past few months that, frankly, I’m sick of dealing with it.

I’m tired of the sticks and carrots to get me to do the things that I don’t find fun.

I’m tired of the gear grind. I’m tired of feeling like a rat in a lab being told to do this thing and that thing and oh my god where is my cheese now? Dailies and heroics and rated battlegrounds and cheeeeese!

I’m tired of the bullshit.

I would rather go fly a turtle to Mars than PvP in Warcraft right now.

Blizzard, you can take that feedback how you will.


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43 responses to “The Changing Face of PvP Gear and the Rocky Road to Season 10

  1. meski

    Funny, I’ve always thought PVP get treated like the favoured child of WoW, and PVE get to wear changes made for PVP’s sake.

    Gear grind has always been an unattractive element of WoW, in my opinion, and other players seriously contribute to its unattractiveness. (whether it’s through rolling need on their off-specs, or refusing to CC in heroics.) /rant

  2. Absolutely.
    And personally, although I was fortunate in that I didn’t spend the week farming gear and spending thousands of gold pieces on gems and enchants, I’m very disappointed in what this latest stuffup says about Blizzard’s attitude towards the PvP player base.
    PvP is the only part of the game I’m interested in – I don’t raid, I don’t chase achievements, I don’t care much about collecting stuff or crafting. I just want to kill stuff and heal team mates in BGs and Arena.
    And with this latest effort, it’s pretty clear that Blizzard doesn’t give a rat’s arse about what I consider the best part of their game. If they cared even a little bit, they would have been checking everything carefully after the previous conquest points to gold fiasco. But obviously not.
    But from a company who still refuses to bring back old school AV (which sounds fantastic but I never got to try), changes the GY in WSG, and can’t get there crap together and offer solo queuing for Rated BGs, why am I surprised at this latest mistake, and their inability to fix it?

    • It’s a good point to raise: why wasn’t this figured out until after S10 started?

      Not that it’s a necessary thing that *should* have been seen, but rather that the right people still weren’t looking at it. Namely, someone with a focus on the end user experience.

  3. Malkazar

    When I fist heard about this issue I was completely confused and wondering what everyone was getting upset about. Once I understood I was wondering why people were so angry. This post helps shed some light on that.

    Still, I’m not really that ticked off, which is surprising to me because most of my WoW game revolves around PvP and playing alts. The fact that iA) I don’t take this game very seriously and B) In the last week I’ve been winning most of the Pugs and Premades I get into probably helps. I’ve been having a blast with 4.2 all things considered.

    None of that changes the fact that Blizz has messed up. That said I think the more interesting thing to take away from all this how important is for developers to have a good form of communication with their players.

    Side Note: I’d really like to know why there isn’t some kind of easy way to just give anyone who bough s9 Vicious gear the new s10 Vicious and have any gems and enchants stay enact. I’d wager its got something to do with game code.

    Side Note+: How interesting would it be if Blizz did a full expose on how coding in their game worked? Mabey even explain why the gear compensation thing is so tricky.

  4. Fru

    Blizzard are now saying they will give 4000 honor points to anyone affected by the screwup.

    • Wow. That payoff completely misses the point, which depresses me even more. It’s a lazy fix which solves nothing and reinforces the impression Blizzard’s PvP team doesn’t get it. 😦

      (Thanks for letting me know, though!)

  5. I was looking forward to your post about this. I only found out about the news yesterday, and while I only ground honour for a couple of season nine vicious pieces last week, I still felt rather cheated. But what’s worse to me personally is not just that they forgot to announce this change, but that they made it at all. Like you say, it takes tedious point grinding to a whole new level. I’m tired of gear resets getting more and more frequent just to make people grind more.

  6. Annoyingly that makes it much harder for a pve player to just do some battlegrounds here and there. I mean, that makes the gear dispariety even bigger!

    • That’s a good point, and a perspective I hadn’t considered. If you managed to get a few Honor pieces last season, you should probably replace them with crafted gear now. Like THAT’S encouraging for part-time PvPers. 😦

      • To be honest, being able to get 10 pieces of gear from the AH (8 pieces armor and two rings) was the incentive I needed to take my priest into the world of PVP.

        It took my a few minutes to get nearly 2000 resilience at the start of the season from crafted gear – a point at which PVP becomes enjoyable because you’re no longer getting one shot.

        It is not cool how people inadvertently ended up spending honor to buy S9 gear when they could have gotten S10 a week later.

        But the crafted gear puts an ungeared toon in a fairly decent position to run random BGs to get the better pieces.

        • I think the addition of scaling viable crafted PvP gear is one of the best features of the Cataclysm expansion. Like you said, it lets you get a newly minted character up to speed and over the truly painful part of PvP gearing. I think it’s great.

          Making crafted gear half a tier ahead of last season’s BG gear, and half a tier behind Arena gear, removes a lot of the value of having gotten gear (of either type) in the previous season. For players who worked hard to get their S9 Bloodthirsty set (and it’s the hardest one to get), it’s demoralizing to see something you worked hard for be surpassed by something you can buy, and so quickly. For Arena players, it’s a return to the grind which was supposed to have gone away.

          I think it’s great for new toons, but not for existing ones. And that’s too bad, because the system could be great for both.

      • If you wanted to make it easy, and fair on all players, you could automagically equip everyone who went into BG/Arena with the same tier gear. That’d make it a skill only contest. Most likely been suggested before, but what’s the reason against doing it?

        • The reason commonly cited is that gear acquisition is a core component of World of Warcraft, as well as player choice/freedom in BGs/Arenas. If you want to go in stacking Crit over Haste, or wear a full tanking set, you can do it.

          I believe the Arena Tournament realms work as you describe, however.

  7. This is my face right now:

    I’m a casual PVPer.. I heal unrated battlegrounds when I’m feeling particularly masochistic. This all sounds incredibly horrible for people like me, as Carina pointed out.

    Sorry you’re feeling burnt out, Cyn! Been there, done that. <:< Maybe you should come hang out with us in Waypoint a little more! ;D

  8. scotth

    Sounds like you need a break, but there is still level 70 twinks… 3k honor and you have a full set of PvP gear that is not going to be outdated next season. If you are really ambitious you can run some raids to get some socketed PvE gear.

    There is some big class imbalances and engineering is op. I am having fun though, and I do not miss the gear treadmill at all.

    • Level 70 twinking sounds interesting. How are the classes imbalanced? I have a warrior and a Druid within spitting distance of 70 – either of them good twink candidates?

      • scotth

        Mages are really strong, especially frost. Hunters and warriors are pretty weak. Priests as disc and shadow are really strong. Any healing class is really strong. Not sure about druids aside from resto.

        Some classes, like warlocks and warriors, I think are stronger if played for utility more than straight damage. Locks have good cc, and warriors can pretty much shut down most healers with stuns and interrupts.

  9. I haven’t stepped foot into arenas since they told us we were going to be forced to do RBG’s. Not that it was such a huge and terrible thing, I can handle being less geared for a month or two. But that was just the first little snowball rolling down the mountain.

    I know these aren’t huge in the way of changes, but it just feels like it was enough coming in just one right after another that it left me feeling about PvP the same way I felt about some of classes when things changed for the Shattering; it just wasn’t the same and my desire to get it all figured out and running smoothly again just melted away. I’d rather go dink around with low level crap that doesn’t carry any of the stress and let everyone else worry about it instead.

    I’ve done a lot of low level PvP instead, not twinking, just running through them on different toons and what not. I still find fun in that PvP, but I’m just not feeling a strong desire to do arenas like I was just a month ago.

    The breaks I’ve taken from my wrist problems have really been for the better. I don’t play at all for three days out of the week and try to limit the time I do spend during the other four days. It lets me have fun doing what I enjoy most in game, which is leveling with some PvP thrown in as well, but it keeps me out of the grinds. On the one hand, that’s good because I’m not spending 60-70 hours a week playing WoW, while on the other it kind of kills my ability to get into things like arena too because I don’t have the time to grind everything I need to stay remotely competitive. By the time I get fully geared, the next season will already be here.

    You’ve got my support, Cyn, no matter what your decision is at the end. Whether you’re going to cut back on how much time you play, take a break for a few weeks/months, or cancelling the account all together. It’s a game, a relief from stress; it isn’t supposed to be the source of stress.

    • Thanks, Psyn. It’s ironic that the reason I took a break had nothing to do with dissatisfaction with WoW, but dissatisfaction will probably keep me from playing as much as I used to. All the little irritants add up to make you reevaluate how you spend your time.

      It’s complicated. I wish I could post about it, explain it more, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m just taking it one login at a time.

    • Thanks, Psyn. It’s good to know that I’m not going through this alone. Real life events have made me reevaluate how much time I spend with Warcraft, but in-game bullshit like this makes it easy to put it down for a while. No thanks, I’ll go fly a turtle or something.

      It’s weird to think I haven’t seen you or Fyn in game for weeks now. Wow.

  10. CheersDaniel

    I’ve had a roller coaster couple of weeks in PVP. Grinded 22,000+ honor in a massive AV fest on my druid, got exalted with Stormpike and most importantly finally figured out that damn place. It was amazing to see the tactics actually evolve over the weekend, and to be part of that process!

    Then, Tuesday comes, and it is all for naught. It’s just confusing, they knew there was going to be 371 gear dropping after the reset, they had to have seen the thousands and thousands of players online grinding the AV Holiday. Yet they couldn’t be bothered to give some warning? A blue post, hell even just a few sentences in “Breaking News” section at the login screen. Anything to let people know they were wasting time. It just feels like they don’t value their customer’s time. But they owned up to it, and what’s done is done. Honestly 4k honor more than a week from now doesn’t do me much, but at least they are doing something.

    The second issue, the grind, though, that is something we need to let them know is NOT ok. The damage is already done for this season, but this can’t continue. Obviously there has to be gear inflation, but this mechanic discounts all the work you did in the prior season and places a massive burden coming into each new season, for what? Why is this needed? I’m assuming they created this mechanic so that new people coming in would could compete with the new conquest gear. But it does exactly the opposite, it places an expectation on every pvper that they must grind the new gear to be competitive. It initially favors those that “have absolutely no life at all” which then sets them up for the rest of the arena season. That’s not how pvp should work.

    I’m not giving up on it, I still enjoy Arena, I still enjoy battlegrounds…but Blizz, please don’t make normal battlegrounds “work” every season. I have enough of that already, thanks.

    • I’m so sorry you ground out that much honor only to see it come to naught.

      I like to compare it to PvE. How would you like to have to regear every tier to run the same content? Not new raids, but heroic dungeons? And what if you not only had to regrind to keep up, but your previous gear deteriorated – for the same content?



      • CheersDaniel

        Interesting, until I read Psynister’s recent post, and then reread this one, I didn’t comprehend that you were contemplating leaving Cyn. I blame blizzard (ofc) for getting me so up in arms that I missed it.

        But in all seriousness, this blog got me and my brother into pvp. And through pvp my bro and I have been able hang out and reconnect where it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise (we’re each married and live 1,000 miles apart).

        Obviously, while no one wants to pressure you into staying if you aren’t happy, I do want you to know this blog has had a positive impact on my life, so thank you.

        • I probably owe a post on this one. I was really angry when I came back from a week away, having resolved to play less, and the first thing I saw was that I was going to have to grind out a completely new set. I’ve done it many times before, but it was unexpected and unwelcome. I didn’t really have fun getting the Bloodthirsty set – first time that’s happened, normally I love getting it – and I was hoping I’d bought myself some time by having full Vicious gear this time around.

          It’s complicated. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, to be quite honest. But thank you for your support. 🙂

  11. If you decide to leave, I will miss Chojub. Oh… and you, too! And tweets about how your son is enjoying the game. Considering how private you keep your personal life, I’m a little surprised that the thought of you leaving is so sad to me. Aren’t you just some dude on the interwebz?

    I got to name a dwarf for you once. And you’ve made tweets that may have been a simple thought for you to spend 140 characters on, but they made a difference in how I saw things. And you’ve indulged my passion for talking about cheese.

    You’ve given me little happy moments, even in the middle of crappy days, and you deserve the same. So whatever you decide to do, it’s “the right choice” as long as you make it for the right reasons.

    • Chojub basks in the glow of your adoration for him. He always knew he was the most popular minion.

      Thanks for the kind words, Glorwynn. I’m not going anywhere yet, and my love for this blog is still strong. I took a break from the internet for non-WoW related reasons, but that vacation made me remember how much sharper and more present I am when I’m not thinking about WoW all the time.

      It was just really demoralizing to come back to try to enjoy myself and find these changes waiting for me. I was honestly surprised when my fingers typed out those words – I had to stop, look at them, and realize that yes, that was really how I felt. I don’t know how I feel right now – tired, mostly, it’s been a long few days at work – but I know that things have changed. I’m just taking it a day at a time now.

      (And I really like aged Gouda and Vermont Sharp Cheddar.)

  12. Nalakess

    One thing I highly doubt blizz will take into account would be the other time spent getting this gear. Last week I ground out almost a full set of PvP gear, in excitement to be on level grounds for 2’s and 3’s, then spent near 1000 gold on gems/enchants that I’m not getting back for gear I’m working to replace immediately. My honor bank was left with 10 points in it when the season opened because I grabbed my last trinket right before having to log out for the night. So not even a taste of new gear without starting the grind. I know 1000 gold isn’t much nowadays, but I’m a casual player and that much takes some time to get back, time which I’ll be forced to spend in battle grounds. /sigh

    • Yeah. The 4000 Honor being offered to players like you really feels like it’s a lazy solution for Blizzard. I’d much rather see your gear bumped up to S10.

  13. The question still remains… who will they refund the honor to, and what then will we spend it on?

    Mid last season I was full conquest, therefore honor had no value and was spent on severely overpriced trade goods (3000 honor for something that costs 100ish gold on the AH… mmm).

    So I started the season with no honor and blizzard will have no record of me spending honor on gear that was lower quality than what I had.

    Fortunately for me this weekend was WSG CTA, a passion of mine, so the grind was coincidental. However if… if they refund me honor, for what will I spend it on?

    Bah… honestly didn’t expect good results. One way or another we get fucked over by blizzard each patch.

    • Gameldar

      Well they’ll be able to work it out because of the audit trail they have (hence how restoring works from hacking etc) – but for the competitive side of pvp it won’t prove useful, it is too little too late.

      For the likes of me that
      a) doesn’t have a lot of time to play
      and b) splits my time with PvE
      the two week delay will be fine for me – I’ll probably have got the other pieces by then and the extra 4k will allow me to replace the helm and gloves I bought in the gap week (although it won’t cover the helm enchant that I also used). However it isn’t compensation for the time others spent (thankfully I spent most of my times doing PvE related things). But it is a tricky thing to compensate for because it’s either too lack luster or too overpowering. And it also comes down to the reasons why they introduced the new gear.

      I guess I can’t fathom why they’d introduce the new tier in the current setup. The only two reasons I can see:
      1. They want to reset the playing fields – theoretically those going into random BGs with season 9 vicious will have the advantage in terms of theoretically getting more wins.

      2. It helps those that start late catch up faster – as you point out Cyn it puts you at a half-tier ahead. However you can’t have this without creating the problem you addressed – that the grind is forced.

      If the reason is 1. then they effectively create the same situation by having a week off where you can spend points on the previous tier’s gear anyway. Yes you have to concentrate your efforts, but it can be done (as was proven). If they insist on this method there is no point in having the week off (they can do titles calculations based upon data snapshots…) – and that would alleviate any confusion (because people are going to complain at the end of the next season when they spend their honor again)…

      If it is 2. I think the consequences as we’ve seen and that it explicitly goes against the stated ‘no more honor grind’ is enough reason to abandon the idea.

      And Gnomer – I enjoyed the WSG CTA too… was a 10 man PvP weekend for me – seemed to get a lot of Battle for Gilneas when I went for randoms over CTA. Still yet to see your little blue square in my grid frames yet… 2 hours difference + RNG is a lot to overcome it seems!

      • I should point out I have nearly geared 1 of 7 specs over 4 characters.

        5 of those were ready to go at the beginning of the season… the regrind has begun…

  14. My PvP is only casual, and like other commenters I appreciated this post because I really didn’t understand the issue or ensuing fuss (but now do, I promise!). What strikes me most is the incredible lack of communication on the topic and the degree to which it deviates from Blizzard CS the way I’ve known it; it really makes one- or maybe just me- wonder what percentage of the Blizzard staff has been moved onto the upcoming Titan project full-time.

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  16. Jaggar - Sentinals US

    I was Pissed when I saw the season 10 gear right after I spent my 4000 points on the season 9. I hope they are refunding the points, I am going to write them tonight. I had 3 toons that I spent all 4000 points on season 9 gear. Like you said, that was a lot of time wasted on my part. At least if they do replace the points, it won’t seem wasted anymore.

    • madup

      Here is my situation:
      I started with around 3500 Honor after the patch and bought 2 pieces then I went and grinded around 6000 Honor and bought 3 more pieces. Bought some nice enchants (+20 stats to chest, etc.) and cut some good looking gems.

      Then the season started and the news appeared (in that order) that I wasted 10000 honor. Not 4000. That 6K honor I grinded last week is still lost even if they reimburse our starting 4K. I can’t really bring myself to do another week of BGs to come back to where I was last week.

      • Jaggar - Sentinals US

        I was lucky enough that I didn’t grind more and spend it too fast. By the time I was ready to spend my next points I saw the season 10 equipment and I was like huh? then I was like Wha??? then I was like Shit!!!

      • Having dipped my toes back into the PvP water over the weekend, the only consolation I can offer is that the honor rewards are better than they were in S9. I’m averaging about 200 a victory, which is a definite improvement.

  17. Dewald

    Must admit that I’m pissed but we would only have been able to keep 4000 points anyway for s10 gear, had we known (although I did convert some JP’s to honor as well). Blizzard’s suggested fix seems ok to me. I still have much better gear than I had before and will get another 4,000 points to spend : )

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