On Field Notes


Pictured above is one of my Field Notes (http://fieldnotesbrand.com) notebooks. These notebooks are my preferred scratchbooks – they’re small, durable, with lightly lined graph paper that’s a joy to write on. I do a lot of my thinking in these notebooks, including thinking about Warcraft. Keybinds, strats, gear lists, post ideas, bg maps – whatever I’m trying to work out in my head.

I take a lot of pride in the posts that go up on my main websites, but they tend to be big – really big – and I also try to keep them very topical. It’s a good thing to be topical and thorough, but for a while now I’ve wanted a more informal place to post, someplace without a lot of bells and whistles, with a little more room than Twitter but without the pressure of focus that both CBM and GTG have.


Like my field notes, this is very much an experiment. I’m at a strange place with Warcraft now, so I offer no guarantees about content or direction. I like Posterous (really neat interface!) but it’s no WordPress replacement. This is just a simple little site that takes my emails and turns them into posts.

I’ve turned on Twitter integration, so let me know how that works out for you. Hopefully folks can just respond on Twitter, or here; whatever works. (Like I said, it’s an experiment.) I’ve never done autoposting before, so let me know if it’s not working out right.

So, let’s see where this goes.

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