On Visible Weekly Caps and Filling the Bar

Theory: it’s not just the source of Valor Points which is causing problems with PvE right now, it’s also the way in which the VP cap itself is expressed.

In Wrath, there was a weekly cap – the total number of Frost Badges you could earn. The better you raided, the more you got. You could supplement with Daily Heroics, but if you missed a day or two of heroics – any heroic, mind you – you were still within 90% of your total cap (based on raid success.)

Now, the total points available to earn is greater – much greater – than the weekly cap. So the expectation is changed that you should be able to fill up your bar to 100% of your weekly cap, because of the entire pool of Valor Points available to you, you’re only being asked to get a portion of them.

Also, the cap is expressly described as such – it has gone from being invisible to visible, a set of expectations to a progress bar. This is a big shift for PvE. In PvP, we’re used to the caps, to the idea that you have to fill up a bar. But this is new. There’s a bar, now. Progress bars induce guilt. Did I get it this week? Just one more, I’m almost capped out and then I can stop.

I spent a lot of nights hammering away at that last win in the Arenas during Season 9, just to fill up a bar. It got me shiny purples, but… it was to fill up a bar.

The other part that I wonder about is that the percentage of the overall pool of VP is now so diluted. I remember reading that only 14% of the total Frosties per week could come from daily Heroics, which sounds about right. Now, depending on your raid team, 35-40% of your potential VP pool is Zulroics.

What the hell?

Never before has the gear grind seemed so naked, so calculated, as it does when you look at that damn weekly cap. You will log in, on a regular basis… or you will fall behind.

I think I liked them better when the caps were invisible.

(Number of weeks in Season 10 Cyn has capped Conquest Points: 0.)



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6 responses to “On Visible Weekly Caps and Filling the Bar

  1. Zosima

    You only have to log in once a week to cap VP now. We have that terrible little bar to fill up, but even back in BC many players knew exactly where they stood on Badges. Working to an arbitrary cap instead of “gotta catch ’em all” has taken a lot of the stress out of currency capping.I think the problem comes from 100% of your VP potential can come from Zandalari.

  2. Cynwise of Stormwind

    Oh! that gives me another post idea! Thanks!

  3. Poneria

    I wish guild chat was less full of “anybody need a za/zg?” and fuller of “anybody want to do a za/zg?” I tend to do more 5mans (& hell, 5man wipes!) when I’m going for the company rather than for the points.I’m finding myself missing the lack of company. Not that my guild isn’t great, it’s just…it’s all about the fucking cap. >.<

  4. Cynwise of Stormwind

    @pon: I hereby nominate we rename it to “The Fucking Cap.”Then we can make dirty jokes about it all we want.@zos: I am still mystified that you can get 100% of VP from Zulroics. Flabbergasted.

  5. zosima

    If they reduced the percentage of points available in Zandalari stuff I’d be less bothered by it all.

  6. Ironyca

    “Never before has the gear grind seemed so naked, so calculated, as it does when you look at that damn weekly cap.”You speaketh the truth! MMO’s have always been interesting because they blur the boundaries between work and leisure. Raiding has for a long time had similarities to work place hierarchies, and now it’s more apparent than ever that we are all just filling up quotas.