On Zulroics, T11 Normal Raids, and Valor Points

So here’s what I don’t get about last night’s Valor Point change, and maybe it’s because I’m just a PvP monkey these days.

The item level of gear you get from an activity is supposed to be roughly equivalent to the difficulty of said activity. This breaks down a bit when you go compare PvP and PvE to each other, but within a sphere of activity it should be somewhat consistent, right?

Item levels!

  • 397: Heroic Rag? Legendary Staff (that’s what she said)
  • 391: Heroic Firelands  
  • 384: S10 Conquest Gear
  • 378 Firelands
  • 379: Sinestra
  • 378: Firelands
  • 378: T12 Valor Gear <— What Zulroics gets you
  • 372: Heroic T11
  • 371: S10 Honor Gear 
  • 365: S9 Conquest Gear
  • 359: T12 Justice Gear
  • 359: T11 Raids
  • 358: S10 Crafted Gear
  • 353: Zulroics  <– Worse than crafted PvP gear
  • 352: S9 Honor Gear

If we subscribe to the idea that rewards are commensurate to difficulty, adding T11 raids to the VP rewards equation makes a lot of sense. If anything, it shows how completely fucking backwards the previous model was – Zulroics, which are outclassed by crafted PvP gear for crying out loud, were rewarding more than Heroic T11. Are still rewarding more. How does that make sense?

Old content shouldn’t reward as much as new content, and heroics should reward more then regular mode. Heroic T11 drops adequate gear for Firelands, but I think as a raider I’d say, let’s blow through T11 normal to cap everyone’s VP instead of running 7 Zulroics.

Rated Battlegrounds and Zulroics: I smell social engineering.




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2 responses to “On Zulroics, T11 Normal Raids, and Valor Points

  1. Ceraphus

    I couldn’t agree with you more, its backwards that a dungeon sub T11 gives enough valor to cap, but T11 content couldn’t give any unless you are doing the heroic versions, was absolutely mind boggling to me.Definitely glad they made this change

  2. Tahas

    To be fair… you have to have a huge amount of patience to get through those. Wait, you have to have a huge amount of patience for most activities.The hell with Zulroics giving more than regular heroics. Why do that when I can just farm regular ones without any difficulty anymore? Well, aside from being beset on all sides by morons that call out people for playing what they want to play. “Frost mages r bad in pve! /quit”