On the Thirty Pieces of Silver

Then one of the Twelve—the one called Judas Iscariot—went to the chief priests and asked, “What are you willing to give me if I deliver him over to you?” So they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver. From then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand him over.

Matthew 26:14-16


Let’s talk about 4000 Honor Points as compensation for folks who ground out entire sets of i365 Vicious gear.

An entire set, by the way, is roughly 26k. So this is about 15% of the total kit.

Let’s say you bought a car for $30k, and it was a lemon. You returned it immediately. The dealership paid you $4615.38 when you brought it back. You’re out $25,384. How would you feel?

Let’s say you bought a book for $19.99, realized it wasn’t right, and brought it back. The bookstore took the book back and gave you $3. How would you feel.

Let’s say it took you 40 hours to grind out that Honor – about 650/hour, which based on what I’m seeing in 4.2 seems a reasonable average with a 50% win rate. (I’m getting 125-175 for losses). Of those 40 hours, only 6 have had value. 34 hours of your time have been wasted.

(This is the extreme case, of having purchased the entire Vicious kit that week, of course.)

So let’s say that the PvP developers chose this option because it was the easiest to implement, which I think is a reasonable assumption. They have to prep a code release, identify affected players, test their code, then work it into a production maintenance.

And it only goes to half of the affected player base.

So now, they have to do a hotfix, which means you have to pull them back off their projects, identify those players who were missed, prep their code, QA the fix, and pass it off to production support for deployment. The servers have to come down again. There are real costs to this.

So the cheap solution ends up costing more than originally estimated.

The sub-optimal solution for customer service was chosen because it was the lowest cost to implement. And then the implementers screw it up.

It’s one thing to give substandard compensation and then consider the matter closed. That’s bad. It’s another thing to give that payoff and screw it up.

There’s a business lesson in here, which I’ll leave as an exercise to the reader.

Let me get back to the 30 pieces of silver.

There’s this scene in Robin Hood – the one with Kevin Costner, don’t judge – where Friar Tuck goes and shoves all this crap into the Archbishop’s arms, getting him ready for his journey. Finally, he gives him a purse of coins, shoves it in the bishops mouth, and yells, “and here’s your thirty pieces of silver, to pay the devil when you see him in hell!”

Friar Tuck then defenestrates the evil Archbishop.

It’s a good movie. Even if Costner switches back to an American accent in the middle of it.



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3 responses to “On the Thirty Pieces of Silver

  1. Snack

    Costner’s Robin Hood is the best Robin Hood, and I’ll hear no arguments to the contrary.

  2. perculia

    I did about 10k honor total on 3 alts, converting honor points in JP gear. At the time, ilvl 359 epics seemed better than ilvl 365 resilience items. But 371? I might have been swayed differently. No honor for people who converted honor points though. Seems like it could be simple for them to check players that had different amounts of current honor from their season earned.

  3. glyneth

    Snack has obviously never seen the Robin Hood with Patrick Bergin & Uma Thurman. 😛