On Prot Warrior Keybinds and the Lure of Level 70 Twinking

I need to start thinking about how to better use the Naga with my Prot warrior.


Revenge! Shield Slam! Victory Rush! Charge!

(Defensive cooldowns are all on the Shift modifier.)

Also, is it bad that I’m thinking of twinking her at level 70 so I can tank BC Heroics at level? Is that bad? My druid is already xp-locked at 70, do I really need another?

Man. I should just get her to 85 and then start another alt. đŸ˜¦


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4 responses to “On Prot Warrior Keybinds and the Lure of Level 70 Twinking

  1. Psynister

    Who would you tank BC heroics for? I guess you could try to solo them, but I don’t see you using Ash much if the heroics are your intention as the player base will be very slim unless others decide to twink with you.

  2. Cynwise of Stormwind

    … I dunno. I think this is my “OH GOD I NEED PERFECTION” gene kicking in, in addition to wanting to check out the 70 twink scene with a character I actually like, as opposed to my Druid.*sigh*I’ll just go get the full PvP set, enchant it correctly, and work my way through the 70s. I guess I should look at getting that crafted Cobalt set made for me to tank in – Heirlooms are only going to last so much longer.

  3. Psynister

    You could still lock her at 70 and tank normals until you’ve mastered your spells again. I don’t have any idea how the 70 pvp twink bracket is, or if it even exists these days. I think your only shot at heroics without other twinks though, is taking higher leveled alts who might overgear you so significantly that tanking will be near impossible. I dont know any of that for fact, I’m just throwing it out there.

  4. The Pink Pally

    I froze my Rogue’s xp at 80 to work on dungeon Acheesements. It’s been fun and I’m planning on doing the same with my Mage, who’s just heading to Outland, when she hits 70. The DPS que for LK heroics is on par with the que for Vanilla & Cata runs. I’m hoping the que for Outland heroics won’t be too far off. Yeah, you can always go back, run the dungeons and get the acheesements at 85, but where’s the fun in that?