Five Reasons Why Uldum is a bit of a Drag

  1. It’s really hard to take pygmies as a viable threat to an ancient, yet still functioning, civilization.
  2. No chance to present Harrison Jones an opportune Death Coil to thank him for calling Cynwise “a pretty young thing.”
  3. Level 83 Troll Druid tried to gank me in the Ramkahen courtyard. Really? REALLY? Guards there are SO lacking in a sense of humor.
  4. What, I don’t get experience for watching this cutscene?
  5. I3-5: Desert of Desolation was better. (But to be fair, pretty much any module Tracy Hickman wrote was exceptional.)

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One response to “Five Reasons Why Uldum is a bit of a Drag

  1. Poneria

    6. Cutscenes you can’t skip because otherwise the quest won’t complete….and you’re on your 5th alt.