Five Things My Main Snarks About Lakeshire


Cynwise is from Northshire, and she doesn’t like Lakeshire.


At all.


There’s something in her past she’s not telling me about the place, because whenever I bring up Redridge she starts in with the invectives.


  1. “Look, it took them 5 years to repair a bridge. In all that time they never thought, hey, maybe we’re not so good at this bridge-building thing, and we should start a ferry service instead?”
  2. “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you build your town right underneath gnoll-infested hills, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have, I don’t know, a militia? Maybe instead of whining that Stormwind isn’t protecting you, get off your butts and go clean out those damn caves?”
  3. “Listen, if you want to live on a lake, that’s fine. If you want to live on a lake that’s infested by murlocs, don’t you think you should, oh, I don’t know, do something about it? It’s a LAKE. They’re not going anywhere. Get some damn boats.”
  4. “I’m not what you would call a monarchist, but if you’re going to keep electing council members who don’t do a damn thing when your kids are stolen out of their beds at night, maybe you should rethink your town’s government?”
  5. “Honey, I know the soldiers are in town, but do you think you could… I don’t know, put on a little something that’s warmer? Not look quite so desparate about it? Have some pride? Oh, that’s right, you’re from Lakeshire. I forgot.”

And don’t get her started on the town clock… (“It doesn’t work. WHAT KIND OF A STUPID TOWN DOESN’T FIX THEIR DAMN CLOCK!!!”)

(p.s. Cynderblock is from Westfall. She has no problems with Lakeshire.)



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5 responses to “Five Things My Main Snarks About Lakeshire

  1. perculia

    Don’t forget that Redridge is a dry town (or was that changed in Cata?)

  2. Grimmtooth

    “Cynderblock is from Westfall. She has no problems with Lakeshire.”Well, yeah, from Westfall. WHOA CLOCK HUH.

  3. Cynwise of Stormwind

    @perculia: I remember there was a quest where you had to go get booze for Lakeshire (Dry Times), but that was removed from Cata. I thought it was just that they had run dry, not that they had legislated that it be dry.(“These people can’t even produce their own alcohol?!”)I think it’s kinda neat if it is a dry town, though! Would add more character to the place!@grimm: Hey, they have clocks in Moonbrook! They just don’t bother fixing them after the bandits take over.

  4. dakotarick

    I have wondered if an individuals real life affects how they feel about the zones they play in.During my recent Facebook experiment I was trying to decide what to list as my current city. I chose ahem… Lakeshire although Ratchet was a close second. I guess that implies if I could live somewhere on Azeroth I would choose Lakeshire.Ironically I have been scoping out retirement property in the Black Hills of South Dakota even though retirement is still a long ways off. Some of the lake property I have inquired about is eerily similar to Lake Everstill.

  5. Rosz

    One of my RP Paladins is from Lakeshire. I think things were much different before the gnolls and orcs and murlocs came. It is a good place to be from. *grin*