On Hunter Rap Boars

So @pixelexecution wrote:

In keeping with my guild’s hunter tradition of rapper boars, my alt hunter has added HamMasterJay to the stable in honor of RunDMC.

Which led @ilikebubbles to reply:

@pixelexecution I’m not getting a rapper boar.  Just…no.

Which inspired me to say:

Hey twitter, @ilikebubbles needs name suggestions for her Hunter’s new rapper boar!

… because Amber basically asked for it. Only in not so many words.

Here’s what Twitter came up with. Pick your favorites in the comments!

  • HamMasterJay (@pixelexecution)
  • SirOinksaLot (@pixelexecution)
  • BUSTA SWINES (@_rades)
  • Bebop (@bryterside)
  • PigletsWithAttitudes (@arrens)
  • Boared (@foldberg1)
  • L’il Ribs (@ammonightfall)
  • 50 Pork (@wowcynwise)
  • Porc.I.9 (@wowcynwise)
  • Pork Chops-N-Harmony (@wowcynwise)
  • L.L. Cool Pig (@wowcynwise)
  • 50 Scent (@pixelexecution)
  • Notorious BLT (@rezznul)
  • Busta Rinds (@cutaia_net)
  • 2Swine Crew (@darthregis)
  • Pigzibit (@darthregis)
  • Jam Master Jowel (@geeklectic)
  • Snoop Hoggy Hogg (@geeklectic)
  • Pig Diddy (@geeklectic)
  • Insane Pig Posse (@wowcynwise)
  • P-Money (@wowcynwise)
  • Porcine Enemy (@wowcynwise)
  • Miss Piggy Elliot (@_rades)
  • BB4 (Bacon Block 4) (@darthregis)
  • A Pig Called Quest (@asmenedas)
  • Pork Rind Clan (@asmenedas)
  • Piggy by Nature (@asmenedas)
  • Da Le Swine (@asmenedas)
  • MC Hogger (@_rades, @druidis4fite)
  • Rind-DMC (@_rades)
  • Beastie Boars (@_rades)
  • Notorious P.I.G. (@lyraat, @relysh)
  • Lunchmeat (@lyraat)
  • PiggyCent (@lyraat)
  • MC Bacon (@lyraat)
  • ODP (@tartdarling)
  • System of a Pig (@wowopa)
  • P!g (@wowopa)
  • Puddle of Pork (@wowopa)
  • Pigz Markee (@relysh)
  • Biz Porky (@relysh)
  • The PZA (@stoppableforce)
  • Pigface Killah (@stoppableforce)
  • Piggie (@relysh)
  • Haminem (@relysh)
  • Wiz Piglifa (@tartdarling)
  • Pig-Z (@tartdarling)
  • Kid Piggi (@tartdarling)
  • Pig Class Heroes (@tartdarling)
  • Piggie Fiasco (@tartdarling)
  • Tupork Shakur (@_rades)
  • Slim Pigdy (@kenichan)
  • Shnoop Pigg (@kenichan)
  • Daft Oink (@kenichan)
  • Squeal City (@kenichan)
  • Porkye West (@kenichan)
  • Ham Master Flash (@druidis4fite)
  • Gnarls Oinkly (@druidis4fite)
  • The Wu-Tang Ham (@druidis4fite)
  • The Roots aroudn for Truffles (@druidis4fite)
  • Salt n Dry Cure (@druidis4fite)
  • The Pigees (@druidis4fite)
  • The Honeybaked Gang (@druidis4fite)
  • Bayconcé (@druidis4fite)


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2 responses to “On Hunter Rap Boars

  1. Druidis4fite

    Also the genius: Biz Porky from @Relysh and Will.I.Squeal from @Kenichan.Twitter: Come for warcraft, stay for the punnery and the inappropriate tabard chat.

  2. _Rades

    I’m not saying it was the best one (there were some BRILLIANT piggie puns) but I am still ridiculously tickled by Busta Swines. Best thing I’ve produced all year. 😀