On Self-Indulgent Rock and Roll Songs

One of the tropes of classic rock has been songs about being a musician; be it about the touring life (and its attendent challenges), the party life (and those attendent… difficulties), or about being famous, there are an awful lot of songs about what it’s like being a rock star, and most of them are about how hard it is.

I hate those fucking songs.

No, seriously. I’m all for writing about what you know, but it’s hard to sit there and go, I can sympathize with with you on how hard it is to party like that ALL the time. Yes, boo hoo, you’re famous.

What’s bad is that I think this attitude (which is really only towards some songs) masks what is geniune, honest sympathy for another person whose job involves a crapton of travel, the likes of which I can’t even fathom. It involves toiling in obscurity, of relying heavily upon people’s opinion of your work, of dealing with an industry of parasites and leeches and folks who do NOT have your best interests at heart.

I’ve made some money as a musician. Not much, a few hundred dollars at best – but enough so that I can say that that is hard, hard work. To make millions involves being lucky and good, mostly luckly. If someone makes it as a musician, they deserve sympathy. It’s a hard job.

Yet, I still hate those fucking songs.

This completely irrational dislike of a trope (which isn’t limited to rock, of course) sadly stops me from writing more about what being a Warcraft blogger is like, of how the game and blog interact in my head, how the blog exerts pressures that make you sit there and wonder what it would be like to just log in, play, and log out, never telling a soul what you’ve done. This isn’t “oh, I wonder how the common people live,” because I’m pretty common. Being a Warcraft blogger, even a midly successful one, doesn’t come with groupies and a fat paycheck. (If it does, I’m doing it wrong.)

But there it is. “Rock star whine” is the fastest way I know to kill a post in my head.

Which is too bad, because there are things to talk about! Public perception of playingvs what you really play, moving on from your main, representing yourself as an expert on a class, or an area of the game – or representing a single spec, which is REALLY hard – writing about a specific part of the game, what you do when you burn out of the part of the game you write about, why it’s hard to excel at both writing and playing at the same time… lots of topics.

And now I realize, to my chagrin, that this post itself has turned into a rock star whine.

Damnit! I hate it when it does that!

*plays “Turn the Page” on a battered acoustic guitar*



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2 responses to “On Self-Indulgent Rock and Roll Songs

  1. Fidjit

    It’s funny, as I was reading this post I was thinking “You should recommend listening to ‘Turn the Page’ in the comments”. You’re two steps ahead, as usual!

  2. Cynwise of Stormwind

    There I go, singing songs again! 🙂