Getting Exalted with Northrend Factions through PvP

One of the interesting effects of having an unified Honor Point/Justice Point currency in Warcraft is that it becomes possible to get unrelated rewards to the activity you did to earn the points themselves. You can PvP for PvE rewards, and vice versa. Things that you never considered when the currencies were separate are now possible; you might just have to look for ways to make it happen.

Like, reaching Exalted with five different Northrend factions while leveling, without doing any of their quests. You may never even come in contact with them!

Currently, Honor and Justice points can be exchanged for a 3:2 ratio at the Honor Trade Good Vendors and Justice Trade Goods Vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. You can trade 375 Honor Points  for 250 Justice Points at the Honor vendor, and vice versa at the Justice vendor. This allows you to fund either PvE or PvP purchases with your preferred activity.

Honor Points are rewarded starting at level 10, while Justice Points don’t show up as a reward until around level 70. Generally speaking, Honor Points are easier to get than Justice Points while leveling. (At level 70, you can get 100-200 Honor Points from a single battleground, while a Northrend Dungeon awards 12 Justice Points. And that’s only for the first 7 you do each week.)

Because the award rate of Justice Points while leveling is so low, it’s much faster to play Battlegrounds for Honor Points and convert them to Justice Points for use. If you’re leveling to 85 to join in the endgame fun quickly, you can build up a large store of Justice Points and be ready to get 3 epic pieces of Justice gear as soon as you ding through smart conversion – and this is a good thing.

Now, an unrelated fact: late in Wrath, you could purchase Commendation Badges for five of the neutral factions with rep rewards with Emblems of Triumph. These Commendation Badges were introduced to help gear up alts, and they were a godsend for getting shoulder and helm enchants.

These commendations are:

Each one of these grants 520 reputation for the appropriate faction, up from the original 250. Humans get 10% more, so 572 for Diplomacy. (Pilgrim’s Bounty has a buff which can give you an additional 10%. Yes, it stacks with Diplomacy.)

When these Commendations were available for Emblems of Triumph, they were only available by running Northrend dungeons. But since the Emblem system was removed and replaced with Justice Points, these are now cheap.

How cheap? Each Commendation is 16 Justice Points or – thanks to the conversion – 24 Honor Points.

That’s dirt cheap.

Neutral to Exalted for any faction is 42,000 reputation points:

  • Neutral to Friendly: 3,000
  • Friendly to Honored: 6,000
  • Honored to Revered: 12,000
  • Revered to Exalted: 21,000

Since each Commendation rewards 520, you’ll need 81 of ’em, which will in turn cost you 1296 Justice Points.  Or, 1944 Honor Points.

That’s less than a PvP mount costs!

Keep in mind that this can be done at any level; level 19 achievement twinks have used this method to get toons who can’t even have a mount Exalted with the Knights of the Ebon Blade et al.. All it takes is Honor Points.

I know that this isn’t something that everyone will want to do. But it’s an interesting example of the things that can happen when you unify a currency system. It’s not unbalancing, and it can add a lot of flavor to your character. Heroic Death Knights can be exalted the Ebon Blade well before reaching level 85; same for Mages with the Kirin Tor.

And, most importantly, keep your eyes open for other items you might be able to get now through PvP.

Northrend Commendations can be purchased from Arcanist Miluria and Magistrix Vesara in Dalaran.


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12 responses to “Getting Exalted with Northrend Factions through PvP

  1. EnvoyOfTheEnd

    Kirin Tor in particular appeals via that method since I will intend on alts to purchase the Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth as I have found that to be invaluable for its convenience.

  2. Cyn! You’re my hero! This is going to save me so much time on my agonizing completionist mindset grind! I owe you something small, fluffy and cute! (or a cake. Your choice.)

  3. Thanks for the advice/reminder, Cyn. I was able to get Ebon Blade and Wyrmrest this morning for a song (srsly 16 JP is a pittance). My priest now has a beautiful red drake, and I’m two steps closer to my pipe dream of having the Exalted title for her. *cheers*

    • Yay! Glad I could help.

      If you have JP coming in from other sources, oh yeah, this is *really* cheap. It’s a nice little way to dump excess JP, too – flip it to Honor, get some of the level 60 PvP gear for RP, get all the PvP mounts, etc.. Heck, there are even epic raw Wrath gems still available for Honor if you want to cut them!

  4. solitudeone

    Thanks so much for this post. I read it last night, and today my hunter picked up 3 of the exalted reps, plus the red drake! I was wondering what to do with all those extra honor points and this is just a great thing to do.

  5. Bear

    When you trade HP for JP at the vendor, you don’t get the 250 JP directly. You get a token that you /use to get the points. From what I’ve been reading, these tokens can be saved and don’t count towards the point cap until you use them. As far as I know, the tokens also don’t get deleted when a new tier is released. If all this is right, the HP->JP->HP conversion should allow you to start a new PvP season with more Honor Points than the cap allows.

    By doing this circular conversion, you end up with 44% of the honor points you started with. If a full set of honor gear costs 28.5k HP, you would have to grind 65k “extra” honor over the course of a season to afford the next season’s honor gear. I think this is the answer to the “phantom tier” bind.

    • It doesn’t work like that now – I checked tonight to be sure. When you purchase the JP, it gives you a confirmation dialog. Once you accept that, the currency flips directly over. You can watch it happen in your currency pane on your character sheet.

      There have been a few times you had to /use tokens like this – the conversion from Marks to Honor Points was a notable one – but this isn’t one of them. You’re still limited to 4k JP and 4k HP at one time.

      Now, that said, there’s nothing to prevent you from ending the season fully HP and JP capped, and then flipping your JP back to HP when the season starts. That’s a very good strategy.

      • Bear

        Gah! You’re right. I could have sworn they gave you tokens instead of just crediting you the points. Must have been the trauma of converting all those marks of honor messing with my memory. Oh well, it was a nice dream.