Five Levels of How Much I Think My Post Sucks

Like most writers, I think most of what I write is crap. I’ve learned to suppress this kind of thinking long enough to hit Post and ignore the doubts and internal criticism, but hot damn if I don’t do it.

  1. Windbag: “Holy fuck, did I just take 4000 words to make my point? WTF, Cyn? Could you ramble a little more?
  2. Ranty McRanterson: “Seriously, isn’t this like the fourth time you’ve bitched about this? How long are you going to whine about Tol Barad / PVP gear / irrational exploit policies?”
  3. Fuck You Politeness: “Listen, you’re going to spend an extra two hours making this sound reasonable and balanced, when all you really want to do is tell that person to fucking adapt. You’re losing sleep for politeness’s sake. Tell them to fucking deal with it already.”
  4. Shut Up You Hack: “Oh god you haven’t researched this extensively what if there’s a minor mistake your credibility will be gone you’ll have to delete the blog and twitter and enter a monastery, not the Shao-lin ones where you trained to be a badass, either. Puhlease.”
  5. Powerpoint Is Better Than This Drek: “Seriously, I could make a powerpoint with a bunch of fucking made up boxes and arrows and THE CLOUD and it would be better than this piece of shit.”

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4 responses to “Five Levels of How Much I Think My Post Sucks

  1. _Rades

    I’m pretty big on #4, since so many of my posts are deeply rooted in lore or WoW history. I also find myself thinking “oh god ANOTHER SYLVANAS/SILVERPINE FOREST-based post, how much material are you going to derive from a zone you’ve done ONCE, cripes!”

  2. Cynwise of Stormwind

    Wait, has Fabulor done Silverpine yet?I can only imagine how hysterical that could be in character.

  3. Fulguralis

    HA HA – The five stages of writer mind-ninja-ing.That inner voice needs to STFU.I think mixed in with #5 there is my oh-so-often friend: “Why the hell do I even try. Seriously. I should ctrl-alt-del ALL THE THINGS.” /Drink.