On The Failed Characters


Professions are the last refuge of the failed alt.

Above is my druid. I’ve written about my struggles with her before on CBM, though in that post I tried to end on a positive note.

It … well, it didn’t really work. The 5×2 project helped – it helped a lot! – but it elevated me from a Terrible to Poor druid player, or maybe Poor to Mediocre. It helped me get a bit more organized, but I found my Warrior lured me in more than my Druid.

There’s a part of me, a very strong part of me, which feels like I should start over entirely new with the class. Delete the level 70 toon, roll a Worgen (or go Horde), and start over. Thow in the towel and say, I let this one get ahead of me, I don’t know what to do anymore.

It’s okay to say that. Right? I think it’s okay to say that. I leveled this character not with elan and joy, but with white-knuckled Bear tanking runs, sweat-chilled Tree healing, and a lot of dying in BGs. I know how much fun I’m having on a toon by the amount of style and flair I can put into playing it. The only style I have on my Druid is “fumbling noob.”

And yet, there’s so much potential there.

Leveled professions, epic flight form, fast flight. Finally has some decent gear for level 70. Do I really need to delete one to make room for another? That’s alt guilt talking again, isn’t it? I should be good with this character. I should be happy and proud to log in to her.

But instead, she sits on the login screen, making me feel like I’ve failed. That’s why I want to delete her.

But she is my herbalist, and my alchemist – so she stays.

Perhaps I’ll see if I can level a Horde druid for a bit – perhaps that will be enough to get me over the sense that I’ve failed with this druid.



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4 responses to “On The Failed Characters

  1. Poneria

    What is it about the Druid class that fumbles you so? Is it that switching specs means an entirely different toolset? (As in, if you switch specs on warlock or warrior, at least half of it’s still familiar?)

  2. Cynwise of Stormwind

    It’s both spec and form switching, I think. Also, it’s the subtle things, like what to macro, what to use to switch forms, that sort of thing. But, yeah. There are very different toolkits with each form, and it bugs me not knowing what to use. 

  3. Demeternoth

    I too feel the ‘alt guilt’. Before I played Deme, I had a warrior. The first character I ever played in Warcraft. I got her to level 55 and, like the stereotypical noob, dropped her like a hot potato and rolled Deme. The warrior than sat at 55 for a long time, she ventured to 58 and moved over to Outland but then stalled again. It wasn’t until I knew I was about to stop playing that I put in the push to get her to 68 and Northrend. The reason she stalled so much? I constantly felt like I was bashing buttons and hoping for the best results, that my dps was lacking and that I would NEVER tank on her, despite purchasing dual-spec as soon as I could. Add to this the fact that I rolled an undead warrior and played her to level 25 and had HEAPS of fun, and I just feel like I

  4. Demeternoth

    *YEY! I fail at commenting and warrior-ing*Anyway …. yes, felt like I had completely broken my human warrior because I couldn’t play her and have anywhere near the fun I was having with the undead one. So she once again lies abandoned, now in Dalaran. Wondering where all the people are and why she’s unloved. Complete alt guilt.