On Why I Rerolled My Level 24 Hunter


I am still building my twink hunter for the 20-24 bracket, but yesterday I realized that I was doing it wrong. I shouldn’t have rolled an orc. Or, more correctly, I shouldn’t have started with an orc.

Not because I don’t want to play an Orc hunter. Because I do. Seriously, look at her! She’s a total badass at level 5. She has a boar named BustaSwines.

Not because I don’t want a boar named BustaSwines. Because, BustaSwines. How fucking awesome is he? TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME. It’s almost as good as Scratchfever. It might even be better!

Not because I don’t want to play Horde in the 20-24 bracket, where we’ll be outnumbered by hordes of F2P twinks who rolled Alliance for two reasons – they have better F2P gear, and the general new player Alliance bias.

Not because I don’t intend to provide an object lesson for the New Player Forum Crew about how much fun it will be to take out every single one of their frustrations on the F2P threads that keep popping up in their forum (because there’s no other place F2P accounts can post) with well-placed arrows and bullets of vengeance.

Not because I don’t need the Signet of Argas, because I do.

Not because I don’t need Ello’s Band, because I need that too.

Or, because I knew I was going to need those two rings (at least), that I probably shouldn’t go roll Horde, faction change to Alliance, and then faction change to Horde again, because that’s a waste of $25. Or $30, whatever.

No, it hit me that there was a much more compelling reason to reroll Alliance, get all the gear I could, and then faction change to Horde.

I could play an Orc in a top hat.


Hello, puppy!



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4 responses to “On Why I Rerolled My Level 24 Hunter

  1. zwinglisblog

    That is freakin’ Awesome!

  2. Kamalia

    I completely understand! I’ve done that with two characters now — my Gnome Warlock and BE Shadow Priest started out as Worgen because I wanted to have Gnome-inna-tophat and BE-inna-tophat.

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