Warlock (and other) Class Feedback

Blizzard has opened up threads on their forums asking for player feedback on how specific classes are playing.

We’re looking for feedback on your class as we work on changes and adjustments for a future game update. While we may be making some specific class changes in 4.3, what we’re looking for in this thread is overall feeling on the class as a whole for more long term changes in the future.

Here’s the Warlock Feedback thread. Each class has their own sticky thread right now.

Here’s my response. If you agree with it, I’d appreciate if you’d hit the Like button. If you just like the instant cast flying demon form idea for warlocks – and who doesn’t? – be sure to mention it in your own response.

I think it’s important that if you have an opinion on a class, any class, you take a few minutes to put down your thoughts. It’s rare that a company openly solicits feedback like this, and while it’s being presented in a format which makes me think it’s effectively going to be treated like a survey, it’s a survey which is going to be read.

If you’re playing a few hours a night, it’s worth taking 5 minutes to let Blizzard know how you feel about the class you’re playing.



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11 responses to “Warlock (and other) Class Feedback

  1. If you have instacast, the other classes will want it 🙂 (It made me think though, if you’re going to get a flying demon, how about flying combat PVP? I’m going to guess a lot of people will hate this, because 3d fighting is a lot different to 2d fighting. (the enemy’s gate is down – Bean)


    • Sag

      I’d love to be able to link the posts, but apparently flying combat was something blizz wanted to put in. I guess they had difficulty getting their engine to support it, or something like that. Given the technology warcraft uses and the difficulty blizzard has had with implimenting things that (in my opinion are better) I’m willing to buy that one. It just wasn’t worth the time investment. Anyone else hear anything like that before?

      • I believe it was in some of the developer interviews regarding Wintergrasp. The original battleground was going to include planes that could attack buildings and people.

  2. I have to agree with you on the leveling a Mage vs. Lock right now, Cyn. With a Mage you can at least blink away, but when you’re mired in the L30’s as a Lock you’re just a big target to any rogue who slips by a hunter’s trap.

    • It’s fine to level a lock via questing, if a little clunky. PvP is just … tough. Really tough.

      Mages, on the other hand, are lots of fun in both environments. PEW PEW PEW *blink*.

  3. While I don’t play my Warlock (It has nothing do with fun as much as it has to do with the [Classy] achievements, oh the things we do for our guilds), I’m very glad to see that they’re asking for feedback. I mostly play a Druid (well, two druids, both feral, one of each faction to play with two sets of friends) and need to get my thoughts together on this. While you will pry my instant-cast fight form from my cold, dead paws, reading your response in the thread reminded me that there is much more about quality of life at the level cap. Not that is matters much for your feedback but I did think you should know that I’ve decided that tonight, after I get home from work and have my authenticator available, I shall write up my thoughts and post them on the Druid feedback thread.

  4. chism

    the healing change was needed imo. It was close to impossible to kill a lock before it was nerfed, But giving it to rogues and warrior made no sense at all to me. Same with the mana burn.

    • And blood DKs. Watching your class’s toys get taken away and given to other kids was definitely not fun.

      • Sag

        I never had an issue with Blood DKs and the self healing. It was a core part of that spec. Actually if self healing was really part of the warlock class I’d say that it needed to be boosted much earlier for the other specs, aside from Demon Armor/Fel Armor. I mean really, ever try to drain life as a non-aff warlock? You were going to die if your pet didn’t have aggro. Warlocks didn’t get Deathcoil until after release, and even then it was on a 10 min CD for quite a while. So aside from affliction the only thing that a warlock got as base was really worth the time was the healthstone and a huge health pool. So for one spec of one class to get health regen as a special ability that didn’t bother me (Aside from blood the DS heal was usually ok for Unholy, but horrible for Frost; not to mention the poor damage it did if you were Frost). Slightly off topic, just saying that using your health to fuel your power (lifetap) was the core mechanic, not getting health back, that was only a mechanic for affliction.

        Rogues and warriors getting the self heal I understood from a quality of life/leveling perspective, but why not just make it an OoC ability? Or something with the class that let’s them regain health faster/instantly from eating/drinking? I just think that there were better ways to go about that.

        Don’t get me started on mana burn, yes it had a long cast time, but there are only so many interrupts a guy has. I watched mana burn fuck my 2s partner so many times it was insane. At least with a channeled drain mana the warlock wasn’t doing anything aside from draining mana, he wasn’t doing any direct damage to the enemy, hell, it even showed you where the hell he was standing (follow the fucking blue line). I never found it to be nearly the problem that mana burn was. Maybe mana burn was only a problem because disc priests have very regularly gotten to a point where they were amazing in pvp. I mean I could either interrupt the manaburn, or interrupt the huge heal that was coming. Well, shit you got me on mana burn… I’m not bitter about that one I swear…

  5. I think they gave it to Warriors and Rogues because Ferals had it as Frenzied Regeneration. I liked it because it differentiated me from my two ‘parent’ classes. Sure, you had to be in – or go to – bear form to use it but sometimes it was enough to get you through the last few % of a boss. I’m guessing that Blood DKs got it because once you gave it to Warriors that would leave only one tanking class without a self-heal. Tanks SHOULD be hard to kill in PvP but that means that you can’t have them doing damage like a dps (like bears were in early BC).

    Giving a self-heal to non-mana-based classes feels wrong, IMO. I think a better way to do it would be to give a small HoT to everyone or reduce the amount of pulsing AoEs in PvE so that bandages can be used – and then give tanks a talent that boosts it (maybe in their “crit immunity talent).