On Warlock Need to Know Setups (PvE)


It’s been a while since I posted a doodle from my actual notebook. Working on a Need to Know post, I’m struck by how many things you could be tracking in PvE, versus what you really should. (I would trim these lists by a lot in actual practice.)

There are other components, like Demon Soul CD tracking, where I think you’re better off just letting it sit on a consistent spot on your bars and getting OmniCC to track it. Yet some CDs (Chaos Bolt, Conflag) should be tracked.

I’m also missing Backdraft from the Destro side. Just realized that. I’m in favor of Jagoex’s strategy, which is to only cast Incinerate when Backdraft is up, otherwise hard cast Soul Fire. Incinerate is too slow. It’s a proc with actions and decisions attached to it, which is different from Eradication, which … well, you keep on keepin’ on when it procs.

Follow up question for Cyn – if both Molten Core and Decimation are up, which takes priority? My Wrath logic says Decimation, but the talents were changed since I played Demo. I think it’s actually Molten Core > Decimation now.

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  1. Poneria

    Hmmm, the rotation I’ve been using uses Conflag on CD and Incinerate as filler, since Backdraft will be up nigh on all the time. When Backdraft’s not up, I’m usually refreshing DoTs and things.But, then again, I am the noob destro lock this time.