Five PvP Gear Set Names I’d Like To See In The Next Expansion

  1. Mildly Irritated Gladiator’s Gear
  2. Tiny, Angry Gladiator’s Gear
  3. Ugly But Still More Attractive Than PvE Tier Gear Gladiator’s Gear
  4. My Little Gladiator: PvP is Magic Gladiator’s Gear
  5. Fucking Hostile Gladiator’s Gear


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8 responses to “Five PvP Gear Set Names I’d Like To See In The Next Expansion

  1. stoppableforce

    6. Outright Homicidal Gladiator’s Gear7. A Bunch Of Ugly Edges With Skulls On Gladiator’s Gear (inspired by every DK tier ever)8. Ozruk’s Gladiator’s Gear (2P: Break yourself upon my body; 4P: Feel the strength of the earth)

  2. ILikeBubbles

    9. I Heard You Needed More Spikes GearAnd no I am not spam, damn it!

  3. Snack

    10. The Moderately Inconvenienced Gladiator’s Gear

  4. Rhoelyn

    11. Closet Pacifist Gladiator’s Gear (with a Carebears visual theme)

  5. Tonk

    Mildly Irritated Gladiator’s Gear = Priest set blatantly favoring disc.Tiny, Angry Gladiator’s Gear = Melee DPS set which looks fantastic on gnomes and goblins but scales awkwardly for larger races.My Little Gladiator: PvP is Magic Gladiator’s Gear = Paladin healer set (recolored for hunters)Fucking Hostile Gladiator’s Gear = Warlock setOzruk’s Gladiator’s Gear = Prot Warrior setThe Moderately Inconvenienced Gladiator’s Gear = Druid healer set

  6. Redbeard

    How about “Because BC Clown Gear wasn’t Ugly Enough Gear”?

  7. Druidis4fite

    Transmogrifying Gladiator’s Gear – (Banana shoulder recolor)Whiny Bitch Gladiator’s Gear – (Banana shoulders, not recolored)Feminazi Battleplate* – The male toon model is way more revealing than the female (*tongue firmly in cheek)Umadbro Gladiator’s Gear

  8. Hunt

    Nerd Raging Gladiator’s Gear.