Five Reasons Deathwing Should Have Visited Major Cities All Along

1. Deathwing has been an impersonal villain this expansion. We should get to see his softer, gentler side. With catapults.

2. Raiders would have a truly personal reason for killing Deathwing: avenging their slain bank alts.

3. Human hunters named Bard are currently out of fashion.

4. Scatters alts throughout cities in hopes of 1) getting burned and 2) figuring out how Deathwing is going to get into Ironforge, Undercity, and The Exodar.

5. Maximum epicosity.



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4 responses to “Five Reasons Deathwing Should Have Visited Major Cities All Along

  1. Cynwise of Stormwind

    (6. GM morale can be raised by allowing them to kill players.)

  2. Grimmtooth

    They would have done Darnassus, but they couldn’t remember where it was. Too late, someone remembered to ask some Hordies. They knew!

  3. Sunnier

    I would be so happy if Deathwing attacked the cities, just from a lore and engagement standpoint. Stormwind and Orgrimmar are both pretty boring and everyone just stands around town on their sparkly mounts. How awesome would it be to disrupt that peace and destroy everything! Introduce a little danger and adventure. I also still need that achievement. However, I’m afraid too many people would be sad about it (like how too many people were sad about the zombie invasion). I can always dream, though. Or maybe get lucky on the PTR.

  4. Redbeard

    I’d have just been impressed if Deathwing had even found The Exodar and Silvermoon. If you’re a smart bank alt, that’s where you’d hide…..