Five Ways to Troll The Denver Airport En Route to Blizzcon

1) Wearing khakis, polo shirt, and a blue blazer, loudly decry the MMO subscription model and rave about Facebook games to random people. See who you can get to agree with you.

2) Walk around to different stores and try to sell them Fish Oil. Get upset when the merchant doesn’t want that item.

3) Argue loudly that your reputation entitles you to a discount with all vendors.

4) Walk up and down the terminal asking people where you can buy PvP gear.

5) [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker].


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4 responses to “Five Ways to Troll The Denver Airport En Route to Blizzcon

  1. Joar

    Try walking into various restaurants in the airport, shouting trick or treat, and get offended when they don’t give you a handful of candy.Ask random people if they’ve seen any dwarves running around – because you need to put a pumpkin on the head of one for an achievement!

  2. Redbeard

    You need to go to Gen Con, Cyn. You’d fit right in.

  3. Cynwise of Stormwind

    Hey, I’ve been to Gen Con!True, it was in 1991…

  4. Redbeard

    It’s gotten a wee bit bigger since you’ve been, Cyn. Okay, it moved to Indy too, but it now takes up all the space that the old RCA Dome used to take up. I went for the first time this past year (it was my wife’s idea, honest!) and we met up with my brother-in-law. It was a blast!(Yes, I blogged about it, but on my non-WoW blog.)