Five Things I Learned From 2-Manning Magister’s Terrace At Level 70

I got my blood elf disc Priest to level 70 and locked her, because, you know, that’s what I do these days. But I did it also because @druidis4fite’s baby warrior is also locked at level 70, and we thought duoing BC instances would be a lot of fun.

And it is a HELL of a lot of fun.

We tried Magister’s Terrace last night, figuring that if it proved to be too hard, we’d figure it out pretty quickly, and we could work on SSO rep while giving it a go.

It took us a while, but hey, we cleared it, and learned a lot in doing it.

So here’s an actual serious 5 Things from me this morning.

1. Healing 5-mans through LFD teaches you to use, maybe, 4-5 spells total. I’ve never really had to blow a lot of cooldowns in a 5-man. All those spells you didn’t touch in Ramps or Mana Tombs? Duoing MgT will make you wish you had them keybound closer to your rest position. I spent an hour afterwards just moving things around and discovering spells I didn’t know I should have used.

2. You’re going to have to DPS while healing, and Smitespec isn’t enough. I like Atonement healing in 5mans (but not in PvP), it gives me something to do while waiting for the bubble to wear off. When the shit hits the fan in some of those pulls, you’re going to have to provide a lot of DPS while healing. The more DPS you put out, the less healing you have to do.

3. There are times that having 2 players instead of 5 actually makes pulls easier – Priestess Delrissa, while totally chaotic, was easier to heal because I only had 2 people to focus on – me and Norm. Norm only had to worry about me pulling aggro, not anyone else. While it was chaotic – OMG THE TANK IS A SHEEP – OMG THE HEALER IS CHARMED. (I’m glad that I had my PvP trinket equipped.) The problem is that you have to be on the ball, and REALLY focus on your partner. I needed to be faster on the dispels, and should have used Fear when Norm got sheeped.

4. There are times that having 2 people makes fights a lot tougher. Kael is pretty easy if your DPS is high enough – just burn him and the phoenix down, keep away from the orbs – but with 2 people, it’s a tough fight. I need to get more into a DPS/Heal rhythm while avoiding orbs, keep dots rolling on Kael, keep Holy Fire off CD, keep smitin’, keep smitin’.

5. Popping glowing wings while flying during the Gravity Inversion phase is AWESOME. Best use of wings, EVER.

If you haven’t tried doing something like this with friends while leveling… DO IT. You will learn more about your class than you ever expected. I’m glad Narci locked her XP so we could do this – seeing Burning Crusade at level, even years late, is a lot more satifsying than just blowing through it on the way to 80/85/90.

Normal MgT was wild.

Now that we have our keys, I can’t wait to try Heroic. 🙂


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3 responses to “Five Things I Learned From 2-Manning Magister’s Terrace At Level 70

  1. Erinys

    This is why I love 2 manning stuff. Not only does it give you such a feeling of accomplishment, it’s so much fun. I and I shudder to admit this, used to make my boyfriend two man heroics first before I was happy to queue to random during Wrath 😦 I thought if we could clear it with just the two of us, it didn’t matter how bad the dpsers were.

  2. skinnemuva

    I tried to two man heroic MgT with my pally (while prot) and a resto druid. My tank set is pretty good, but we wiped on the first five group trash pull as they had two healers and we didn’t have enough interrupts. We just ran through normal after the wipe. It might be doable, but you really have to push out the DPS do get a kill before a heal lands. Give heroic a whirl and let me know how it goes!

  3. Lara

    That sounds like a lot of fun! We never tried it with only two, though we did it with four at level 65, which is its own variety of challenging (“miss, miss, miss, miss, glancing, miss, miss…”). I’m happy to see that you and others are coming out of the woodwork with interesting ways to find “hard content” in the pre-raiding world.Sure, the level 85 hard-mode raids are—as their name suggests—hard. But they’re kind of too hard, in the sense that you can’t just dive in and try it out, you have to have some infrastructure. The nice thing about duo-ing heroics is that you can do it before you’re at the level cap, and you don’t need to get a paid subscription to <Serious Raiders Only>