Cross-Server Battleground Queuing Now Available with RealID

Well, 4.3 is turning out to be a patch of a lot of surprises. One of the biggest? You can now queue for regular battlegrounds with your RealID friends. This is confirmed as an intentional change earlier this evening by Daxxarri, and a very welcome one.

This is a really welcome change. It’s always been a frustration to not be able to PvP with people on other servers. The only way this could be better is if you could also PvP against your friends!

But I digress. Let’s enjoy this one.

Thanks to @lufitoom, @loqiel, @slowpoker, and @eldacarJS and for the tips and confirmation it worked for them, and to @daxxarri for confirming it’s working as intended!



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5 responses to “Cross-Server Battleground Queuing Now Available with RealID

  1. Alleluia!

    Can I get an amen?

  2. Nearly all my friends are on my server… or they play alliance. :'(