Earning Conquest Points During Interseason Play

You can get a jump start on next season’s Conquest Points by winning random battlegrounds this week.

Daxxari mentioned this on Twitter, and confirmed on the forums:

Conquest points you’ve earned from Random Battlegrounds after the 4.3 patch was applied shouldn’t be going anywhere.

This issue was somewhat confusing during the last interseason patch because Conquest Points converted to Honor at the same time Honor (incorrectly) converted to gold. The correct sequence of events should be:

  • Season X ends.
    • Honor Cap is suspended.
    • All Conquest Points are converted to Honor Points.
  • One week passes. Titles and ranks are awarded.
  • Season Y begins.
    • Honor Cap is reinstated.
    • Excess Honor is converted to gold.

Before the daily random battleground quest was buffed, this represented 175 additional Conquest Points. Now that the daily quest is buffed, this represents 700 Conquest Points. Not only that, but with 50 CP for each subsequent win, it’s possible to hit the cap of 1650 with some grinding.

This is a major reason why a lot of Rated Battleground teams are running premades this week in regular battlegrounds. The incentives to cap are pretty high.

Still, even if you are a solo PvPer, it’s worth jumping in to get a head start on your Conquest Point grind.

To the best of my knowledge, these won’t count towards your S11 weapon purchases because the season hasn’t begun yet. You will still have to earn Conquest Points during each season to be eligible to purchase PvP weapons..

Good luck!



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6 responses to “Earning Conquest Points During Interseason Play

  1. Manglehaft

    I believe you can get to the 1650 cap not just the 1350. Arena is capped at 1350, all other sources of conquest, including the first random BG of the day, are up to the 1650 cap. Of course, this is all theorectical as I’m at 1,000 right now…

  2. Nozomgar

    Manglehaft is correct. I hit 1650 earlier today

    • Cool!

      I’ll update the post then. Thanks!

      • Yay, I wasn’t going to get time until tonight to cap. Interesting related note, valor turned to conquest counts towards the upper cap as well, but with a big “but”. You need to be at least 250 conquest below the upper cap as the system never lets you convert currency where you wouldn’t receive the full benefit. Kind of acedemic now, but interesting.

  3. Xamnation

    I got to 1250 then got reset to 700