Five Quick Things That Are Different in Season 11


I’m in a mood tonight. I’m just warning you.

  1. Valor Points cannot be exchanged for Conquest Points. Sorry, raiders, this is just gone. It’s probably due to …
  2. Epic PvP gems are available for sale. 750 Conquest Points gives you like… +5 to a stat? Oh yeah, that sounds like a sweet deal.
  3. Weapons require different amounts of points to purchase. You need 7250 Honor Points for the Ruthless 378s, 7800 Conquest Points for Cataclysmic 397s, and 15,700 Conquest Points for the Cataclysmic 410s. Yeah, sure, like I’m going to fucking remember those numbers.
  4. MMRs didn’t reset. Oh wait, that’s the same as last season. The difference is that this season they were supposed to reset. Whoops.
  5. Conquest Points from regular battlegrounds will screw things up for a while. It will take a while for everyone to find equilibrium again. Shit’s all stirred up right now.


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4 responses to “Five Quick Things That Are Different in Season 11

  1. Redbeard

    Wait, what?Did they raise the cap above 4000? I’m used to the rollover at the end of an Arena season, but did they make the cap higher in general?

  2. Shintar

    Point 1 is not true, you can still trade valor for conquest on my server at least…

  3. Cynwise of Stormwind

    Yes. This was fixed midweek, I have just been on vacation. 😦

  4. Redbeard

    Vacations are a good thing. I hear that people can take them from time to time, so revel in them when you can.