On Meerkat PvP

On Thursday, I turned into a meerkat on Twitter. I’ve been stuck as a meerkat ever since, which has given rise to a new kind of PvP. Meerkat PvP.

I’ll let the pictures from my friends on Twitter explain.


(This is a picture of level 19 twink meerkats, in case you were wondering.)

Also, I made the tactical mistake of tweeting:

Not only did I get banned for mailing mogged heirlooms, but Blizzard turned me into a Meerkat as a punishment.

… without thinking through that hey, I’m on a WoW vacation and haven’t logged in for two days, maybe this could be taken the wrong way.

/facepalm /sorry

It prompted a Save Ferris-style reaction in the Meerkat PvP community:


Which pretty much made the whole thing worth it.

Also, I have too many alts.


I ,,, think that’s about enough alts, don’t you?

Thanks to @outbirk, @rosaamarilla, @omgpoetry, @druidis4fite and @_lizzia for starting Meerkat PvP and creating these pictures – I didn’t want them to be lost in the Twitter River.

I cannot stop laughing when I consider the wonders of Meerkat PvP. 😀


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7 responses to “On Meerkat PvP

  1. JRWStormy

    “Protect the lowbies!” is still my favorite. :DThat said, these meerkats have far better grammar and spelling skills than the average PvPer. Are you sure they’re career PvPers and not some hardcore RP guild just here for Children’s Week?

  2. Grimmtooth

    What, no Cyncyn?

  3. Redbeard

    Were it not for Meerkat Manor, you’d not have a plethora of pics to choose from.Well done, sir! I /salute you!

  4. Ttrinty

    AMG! I used to watch that show all the time. Then Flower died and there was no resurrection graveyard. It wasn’t as good after that. Thanks for the laughs. HILARIOUS!!

  5. Cynwise of Stormwind

    All credit goes to @outbirk and @omgpoetry and @druidis4fite and @rosaamarilla and @_Lizzia – I’m just the meerkat in the middle. 🙂

  6. Shintar

    That’s funny, only yesterday someone in a random AB I was in ended his strategy explanation with “Simples!” like the meerkat from the Compare the Market adverts here in the UK. (Google it, I had to remove the link because Posterous insisted I was a spammer.) Seeing the post title, I thought this was going to be about something similar.

  7. Tobeume

    The one with the flag reminds me of a World War II army recruitment poster. Love it!