On Tree of Life Form in Battlegrounds


Tree of Life form should be capable of doing siege damage in battlegrounds.

I’m just sayin’.


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8 responses to “On Tree of Life Form in Battlegrounds

  1. EnvoyOfTheEnd

    And there I was expecting some sort of rant on how ToL form is a big “I’m a healer, kill me !” sign that nobody else has.Amusing regardless.

  2. Karegina

    I was expecting a “NEVER DO THIS” rant. But this is better. I’d pvp as my druid if I could do this.

  3. Redbeard

    As long as they forfeit healing by doing so.:-P

  4. Grimmtooth


  5. Druidis4fite

    My guild used to joke that we should get Ent form, and be able to carry the rest of the raid in our branches. Hroom Hroom indeed.

  6. Alexandru AMOQ


  7. Bear

    Druids can do siege damage in tree form.Step 1: level engineering.