On Never Saying Never Again

Well, I don’t think I expected Cataclysm to turn out this way.

It’s not really a secret that I have a Forsaken Warlock. I wrote about her in my CFN essay, On The Forsaken, and it was pretty clear that while I didn’t dislike playing a warlock per se, I wasn’t really very enthusiastic about the alt. I didn’t sit there and go, I’m so enraptured by the gameplay that I am not paying attention to the story. In another post, On Revelations, I had talked about how I hadn’t leveled a Warlock past level 10, and how I hadn’t picked up my main since the end of Season 9.

So here I am, questing through Silverpine on a Forsaken Warlock when it hit me.

this is actually a lot of fun.

I don’t know if it’s the zone (it might be), or if I’m doing everything deliberately as wrong as possible on my little baby warlock, experimenting to find out what really works while leveling, or if it’s just because I’ve let go of big Cynwise, I’ve grieved for her and gone through my dark night of the soul. I hoped I would come back to Silverpine and see it someday; I just didn’t know when.

But I honestly didn’t expect to have fun again on a warlock until Mists. I thought I would do the Silverpine/Hillsbarad quests and then delete this toon.

Nope. She’s not my primary character right now, but she’s in my top 3.

It’s hard to reinvent ourselves.

It’s hard to look at ourselves and say, this isn’t working, this isn’t the way I want things to be going, and then to do something about it. It’s hard to selectively let go of the past, to say, I know I said I would only do these things and never do these other things, but … maybe I was wrong.

Or, more likely, maybe I became wrong, over time. It might have been the right thing then, but now it’s time to change, and to let go of the past and embrace new things.

Never say never again, and all that.

You may have noticed that this website looks a little different today. It has a different title. It has a different look. If you’ve been following me on Posterous, you know that I’ve not been writing as much about warlocks and PvP, but I have been writing a lot about Warcraft. And I haven’t been entirely happy with the platform, but I’m happy with the writing, and the rules around the writing.

I think it’s safe to say, actually, that my best writing in the past 6 months has been over on my Field Notes blog – an experiment I started on a lark – than over here. And that that has led to a bit of fracturing, a feeling like I’m picking up blogs like detritus and that I’m losing my focus. That I can’t keep this one going and this one and this one and oh god Go Mog Yourself is picking up massive steam.

So I’m going to change things a bit. Jettison the old, consolidate, focus. Digital stuff is still stuff, and it still weighs on one’s mind.

  • Cynwise’s Field Manual Notes will be moving over here and merging with Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual to form Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual. I’m not stopping writing about PvP, or Warlocks. Those topics will still be here, but will be mixed in with other topics again.
  • I will be closing up Green Tinted Goggles and Cynwulf’s Auction House Manual. Having both a PvP blog and twink PvP blog made some sense when twinking was a more controversial topic, but now the division doesn’t really make any sense.
  • I will be moving the archives of CFN, CAHM, and GTG over to this site over the next few days. (My apologies in advance if this floods your feed readers!) This is to make searching easier on everyone. One site.
  • Go Mog Yourself will continue to be a collaborative fashion site and remain separate and fabulous. Punt This will also remain right where it is – neither of these have ever really been my blogs – I’m more like the Chief Kermit running around trying to stay on top of the wonderful chaos with them. 🙂

(Nobody reads Cynix’s blog, and I dont blame them, so I’m not worrying about it for now.)

This is kinda weird for me to talk about – I don’t do a lot of administrative posts – but sometimes we have to talk about reinventing ourselves, about how we are changing, so that people can follow along and know that while we might be ending some things, we’re continuing with new ones in their place.

I never thought CBM would become what it did. I never thought GTG would find an audience. I never thought CFN would become a place with my best writing. (I think a lot of my early commentary about it was, “I have no idea what I’m doing here.”)

But they did.

So here’s to jettisoning the nevers, and getting on with reinventing ourself.

Let’s go.


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16 responses to “On Never Saying Never Again

  1. Cyn, this perhaps illustrates your point, but I think in this line “Cynwise’s Field Manual will be moving over here…” you mean Cynwise’s Field Notes. I bring it up because I had a moment of shock where I was like “Cynwise’s Field Manual? THERE’S ANOTHER BLOG I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON, ALL THIS TIME?” before I realized you meant the Posterous one.

    Personally, I’m glad you’re enjoying various elements of the game again, but I’ll miss the sound of Battlefield Manual. There was just something …official sounding about it! You could still use it as a name, even if you talked about other things besides PVP / battlegrounds!

    In any case, here’s to looking forward!

    • I can’t even keep my OWN blogs straight. Wow. 😦

      CBM will live on as a category within this weblog. (I would like to actually publish it as a standalone manual, to be honest.)

      It’s scary changing a name that has gotten so many hits, and I think it will be linked with me for a long time. But I also think I need to embrace that I haven’t really written exclusively about PvP for a long time – over a year – and that I don’t have as much to say about it as I used to.

      Change is tough. The new name is going to squeak for a bit. But I’m sure we’ll all get used to it in due time. 🙂

  2. This. This I like. I’ll write more when not stuck in traffic.

  3. I’ll say I like it coming together. I understand why you did keep it separate but for someone like me that enjoys your ideas and general posts as well as the pvp (I don’t really follow the lock things, but I would if I pulled mine out of the vanilla closet) I applaud it!

    Can I make one suggestion for the new layout (if you can) – having a comments at the bottom of the overview (e.g. what you get when you go to cynwise.wordpress.com)? Given you can read the whole post there I like being able to jump to comments right away (and well you do have a way with words and it is a long way to scroll back up 🙂 )

    • I have been tinkering a bit with the (few) options I have in the layout, but I haven’t been able to find a way to do this. I liked that option on Posterous but am living with the default templates here.

      I may go ahead and try out different templates as they come out to see what works better. Throw out all the rules!

  4. battlechicken

    I think it’s a great idea, and kudos to you. Re-evaluating where you stand now and what you want to do next is important in anything that we devote time to in our lives. Good call. 🙂

    • Something you know about, eh, Amber? 🙂

      I miss seeing you around as much on Durotan, but I’m happy that things have gotten so much better for you. \o/

  5. JD Kenada

    I’ll echo the comments of others in that I’m glad to hear of the streamlining as I like to call it.

    As someone who has dabbled in the idea of adding a second Warcraft related blog I can’t believe you have that many to begin with. Impressive to say the least. But, having less and more diverse gives you more options on what to write about without feeling overwhelmed or possibly burned out.

    • Thanks!

      What I was doing before was trying to guess what and how people wanted to read things. I spun off my twink blog because I thought that it was too controversial for CBM. (I dunno, I thought people wouldn’t like to see me natter on about twinks. Now y’all have no choice, they’re all I play.) CAHM was the same thing – don’t confuse PvP and gold making.

      It can work, but it requires a certain amount of mental flexibility to keep it all straight. After a while I knew it was making hard for people to find things I wrote, though, and that was no good.

      • JD Kenada

        Double A started out as what was supposed to be just a toon chronology for myself…then became a gold making blog…and then I turned it into a jack of all trades blog and watched it grow.

        Then I tackled transmog and joined the blogging community and watched it explode. You know what? When I don’t talk about gold or mogging, I still get my readers.

        It’s great to try to write for your readers, but remember you’re writing for yourself first. As your audience grows, they’re interest in the topic isn’t as strong as what it is that YOU are saying about it.

  6. Jez

    I just rolled a Forsaken lock as a result of this post and most especially ‘On the Forsaken’. I’m looking forward to going through the content and forming my own opinions.

    • Forming your own opinions is the best way! I represent nothing but my own! 😀

      Seriously, I just finished Silverpine and loved it. I have things to say about it, but at the heart of it I enjoyed it and stayed for every single quest. I had a blast.

      • JD Kenada

        I took my Tauren Hunter (current Amateur Azerothian banner model extraordinaire Oddfodder) over there just to see the content. I’m just into the Gilneas Wall and it’s very much an amazing zone.

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