Making School of Hard Knocks Work for You: PvP Achievement Synergy


So here’s the situation: hordes of non-PvPers are going to be swarming the BGs next week trying for the School of Hard Knocks achievement. Their presence gives you the chance to work ok a lot of other battleground achievements. Helping both sides out can have unique benefits, as behavior in the BGs is going to be radically different during Children’s Week.


Here are some examples of how helping people get the SoHK achievement can work towards your own PvP achievement hunt.

Warsong Gulch

The normal nice thing to do is to have one person go to the other flag room, see the opposing team dancing in there with their orphans out, pick up the flag and drop it, allowing everyone to return flags. (Returning a flag is when you click on a loose flag, sending it back to the flag room.)

If you are an experienced PvPer, you want to encourage this kind of behavior, because you can hang out and work on:

You also provide real defense to PvE players if the other team comes roaring in with no intention of playing nice.

Arathi Basin

Trading a node back and forth between sides can be beneficial for both parties. If you hang out by a blank node, dancing with your orphan out, you can hopefully signal the other team that you’re there to help them by defending the flag – allowing them to assault it over and over again.

Being the defender contributes to:

Tagging along with the orphan crowd contributes to:

The trick there is that you have to find someone willing to trade the node with you, which seems less common than in WSG.

Alterac Valley

Much like Arathi Basin, not everyone notices that you might be a friendly defender, willing to recap the tower and give the opposing team a turn. But if you find a group who won’t kill you on sight, you can work on:

I’ve found this one difficult in the past because not everyone realizes that a lone defender might be there to assist and then leave. But it’s worth a shot.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is perhaps the toughest BG to help other players with. If you’re experienced with running the flag, you can take it from mid and run it for SoHK people, but you don’t get anything from doing so. You have to either cap the flag or kill the flag carrier to contribute to any achievements.

Your best bet to play nice is to watch and see if someone is trying to grief their own side – someone who takes the flag and hides away with it, refusing to cap, that sort of thing. (Refusing to cap is normally a legitimate tactic, but it’s a dick move during Children’s Week if you control mid.)

Take out the griefer and you work towards:

Note that you don’t have to return the flag – just kill the FC and it counts.

It’s your call whether to go after the opposing team’s FC for this achievement. Personally, I think you should, but if you’re feeling really nice you can let them go … while capping 4 nodes and working on Eye of the Storm Domination.


I think there’s a strong argument to be made for helping other players is more beneficial to chasing achievements this week than sticking to the rules of each BG. But if you insist on playing to win, you can still work on some achievements. Winning games is a good one – show people how to play the BG once the achievement hounds are finished. There are a few (like Stormtrooper) which can be done to help your team win.

The key to surviving Children’s Week is to keep a long-term perspective on your goals. Sure, you can get frustrated by all the under-geared achievement seekers.

But you can also look at this as an opportunity to make some headway on your own achievements.


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5 responses to “Making School of Hard Knocks Work for You: PvP Achievement Synergy

  1. Here’s another reason to help the Children’s Week achievement seekers: The sooner they get School of Hard Knocks, the sooner they will leave your BGs alone. Once a person has the SoHKs achievement they will stop queuing for battlegrounds trying to get it. But if you prevent them from getting SoHK, they are going to have to requeue… and requeue… and requeue… and you are going to have to deal with the continued frustration of having BGs overrun with orphans. Helping people get SoHK will get them out of your hair much faster.

  2. I have been telling people I see doing holiday events to start getting at least their 2 piece PVP gear set. Not that I really think it will help all that much … but it at least gets them into the BG so they are not discovering the BG for the first time wile trying to get an achievment.

    Thanks Cyn, as always, for the post to help others out. Now if you can help me deal with the F-ing GY campers in WSG and TP maybe my spawn will not dream of her mommy cussing.

  3. AliPally

    I have not attempted Shool of Hard Knocks since it started, and it has been the only achievement in the meta that I have needed for a while. Every year I have kept hoping that it would be removed from the meta, and every year it is still there!
    This year I was determined to try it, I gritted my teeth, and jumped into the fray. I wasn’t a complete noob though. I have been going to BGs for the last couple of months to get gear and learn where to go/what to do, simply to get this done. It really does help.

    AV: all the closest towers were overrun by people with orphans, so in the end I rode all the way to the bottom of the map and managed to get one there. Took me maybe 5-6 attempts to get this one.

    AB: No success getting to any of the flags at the start, so in the end I had to cap one mid-battle. Took me maybe 7-8 ABs to get it.

    EoTS: Zomg! Laughable to see 13 people head straight for the flag at the start, and end up with no bases. I did manage to get a flag to a base in one BG only for us to lose possession of it as I got there, so I couldn’t cap. I finally got this done when pretty much I was the only person with an orphan, and our side had 3 of the bases. Painful, and it took maybe 10 Storms.

    WSG: I really hate the 10 man BGs. That’s where I get picked on the most, and where I die the most. It didn’t help either when it seemed most people had orphans out too. Lost battle after battle by a score of 3-0. I was present at a few EFC kills, but was unable to get a return. I finally got it when we managed to kill a flag carrier in his base, and by click-spamming where I hoped the flag was going to appear. Took me maybe 10 battles, and it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. But, I did it!

    As far as the other faction helping out, I stood and let a Horde Warlock cap a tower in AV; we exchanged /cheers, and as I waited for the flag to turn fully so I could cap it myself I got set upon by 4 or 5 Horde and was killed.
    I saw nobody else dancing, pointing at orphans or anything else for that matter in any of the BGs I did otherwise. There was no quarter!

    If you are a PvP hater like me, don’t give up! I’m so pleased I did it now. At one point I was thinking that it was too much effort and not worth the pain, but then I didn’t want to have to try again next year, so I stuck with it, and now I have my proto-drake! Woo!

  4. I tried on my 82 DK to go all the way to Dun Baldar to cap a tower there, right off the bat. However, being 82, the enemy archers pretty much 2 shot me. And that was just from one tower, not even counting the ones from the south tower! But I was afraid to get there behind other people who need the achievement and miss out.

    But, it’s the last one I need now on Sigh, so in I go again tonight to try and get it done!